Wife hates 2K: Made a bet with her

So, the wife has never been a big fan of the game (micro-transactions, jank gameplay, repeating the same cycle over again every year with Myteam, etc.)

Honestly, I’ve begun to feel the same thing the past few years, so I made an agreement with her. Tomorrow, (or whenever MJ drops) we’re going to drop a hundo on VC. If I pull him, it’s a sign I should keep going on Myteam/with 2K in general. If I DON’T pull him, I have to auction all of my players (obviously going to try to get the most I can for them) sell my MT, and cash out.

Wish me luck, lol.


Go ahead and post those cards bro


Our wives must not find out about this bet lol.


Yeah, go ahead and post them cards. The odds tomorrow will be worse than the Giannis packs.


I’m not too torn up about it either way, luckily. I’ll make a few hundred back off the MT more than likely, and that’s all I’ve spent this year anyways.

“You don’t like 2K? You don’t like me.”


I’ll make sure this makes it into the divorce record.

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I got tired of the cycle and cashed out recently. Shit just became unappealing to me

you’re gonna get him. dont even trip bro.

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I agreed to it because of pulling Blake and Magic in that box yesterday. I like my odds, lol.

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Shoulda said “if I pull him, I get a hall pass for the weekend” :dancer:t4::man_dancing:t6::dancer:t4:


What a crazy concept…

Let’s legally bind ourselves forever!!!

We’re brainwashed


Honestly, we’re both not really proponents of marriage, in the sense we don’t believe we need it to assert or “prove” we love each other.

It’s really just about making sure we all have insurance, kids included, as fucked as that is.


Hey Shams that logo is sweet bro

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House…sorry Wife wins, again!


@Hemmi2k ‘s work

Highly recommend!

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Tell her u can vc glitch but requires more time to setup but less money. If u get banned then u get banned. If not, u get to keep playing and keep your money.

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True. The only issue with that is I’m fucking lazy.

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Those odds were skewed. Mj odds WILL BE BOOTY FOR SURE. Just donate that mt :wink:


Yeah but you have to work those hours to make that money so it evens out lol Thats how i was but theres potential to make 150k vc a day in an hour. Would u still be too lazy for that? Lol