Wicks Wingspan Error

So I just got Wicks and went to freestyle with him and he definitely doesn’t have a 7’11’’ wingspan. His player model and wingspan are basically exactly the same as Antawn Jamison. Is that an error in the database or why is it like that? Now I’m wondering if there are more cases like that lol

That is so disappointing

False advertisement what a scam I want my money back .

What money lol

That 2k premium tax bro .

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I wonder if they’re going to fix it. PD George Gervin still has only basic dunk animations, I’m not holding my breath.

Prob should have been 7’1

That seems the most likely scenario.

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I wish some MyTeam developer would accidentally add a 1 to the end of my MT balance!


Lmao. I mean it was kind of extreme. Man be dragging his hands on the floor


If Wick’s wingspan is average then none of the PD are really worth anything.

Wall, Unseld, and Roy are nice but their height will really hurt their longevity moving forward.

After taking a closer look at these cards, I’m not as interested in this content as I was yesterday.


Some free cards while bang out XP seems aight

Live feed

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Lmfao bro that’s fk hilarious. Got me rollin man. Fk I needed that :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Now imagine that curry sliding :rofl: