Why Would Anyone Not Use Ruby Thaddeus Young For Limited This Weekend?

This card is just unstoppable. There is nothing it can’t do. I averaged 40+ points per game with him in Limited this weekend. Went 12-0 in Limited to get Opal Beal and it was damn easy.

Ruby Thaddeus is the best card (at its tier) of any card in 2K21. And it’s not close.

Do yourself a favor. Sell any expensive PF/SF you have, buy Speed Grinches for Thaddeus and enjoy.


He is so good, used im in the grind for beal too.

A cheat in TTOffline as well

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Welcome to 2KGamer @Amator_Noctis !

Yeah he’s basically in every one of my Triple Threat lineups (Online and Offline).

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for real hes insane he hit a game winning three in the game that i got opal brad beal

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Im running 3 opals, and 10 heat check player for limited lol… always rage quits when ppl see

I smacked three dudes in a row doing this shit with a team consisting of Diamond Haliburton and the rest rubies. Had Thaddeus at SF, and one guy was trying to guard him with Heat Check Grayson Allen. :rofl: Now that was too funny.

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a card that everyone is sleeping on is amethyst marvin bagley, just range him up and will drop 30 and 10 every game… He has a great release, very quick with the ball, and just gets great animations for me.

He in my Triple Threat offline lineup him, KPJ and Daequan Cook always 3 minute games with 10+ leads with this lineup.

because people can use high tier cards. for me i use my opal hero magic, go giannis and dino radja

DM Mel is best card for this weekend limited:)

What 3 additional badges do you have on him?

My Thaddeus has HOF Range and Clutch added.

Well if you’re a good enough player to still win, then good for you.

I was mostly referring to my opponents who were getting demolished with the likes of well-known player Rubies/Amys like Damian Lillard, Luka, Durant, Lebron etc.

They could easily afford Thaddeus (and everyone could).

That Thaddeus Young up so much your overall.

For me was him or Diamond Rudy Gay.
I ran Gay (with few badges added) instead him.