Why with the obnoxious money comments?

Some dude was just running off at the mouth asking how much money I may or may not have spent. His team was literally every free card we’ve gotten. I’d rather spend some cash than camp out on twitter or tweet deck all day. These people are outrageous.

Also, he was an obnoxious 5-out d bag.

I told him I’d send food.


Just tell him you spent 50 cents lol

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Haha, I spent more than I should have. It didn’t set me back financially at all and I have no responsibility to a wife or child. People need to mind their own business.

I think you have a quest against humanity lol. People tend be jelly and critical of others while completely unable to see their own flaws.

Also, I dontate plenty of money to charity. I feel no guilt for spending money.

Half my team is free PDs from the past week lol

Ill take Bird Magic and KAT over 90% of the cards available; Mitchell is damn good too

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I’ve used Mitchell and he’s great. KAT also. I’ve had that card for awhile.

Yeah I don’t get ppl who ask how much money you’ve spent. Everyone knows myteam is pay to win there’s no shame in spending money

I turned off my messaging to people outside my friends list a long time ago and I mute my opponent’s mic every game. It makes playing with a nice team a lot more tolerable. You can only hear “you only beat me because you spent so much money” or “you spent all that money and still lost to me” so many times before it gets too repetitive to deal with. Those unoriginal, repeating little turds.


How do I mute my opponents mic on ps4?

Pause the game, and Mute is an option in the menu. It’s glorious.

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Same. Much better experience!

people on xbox message you even if they win like “u scrub mommys credit card wont save you” wtf is wrong with 2k community. so toxic

It’s unbelievable. I mean they’re 100% right you don’t need to spend money. I want to use the cards of players I like. Not diamond JR Smith.

Those codes dropped same time every day usually. Yesterday was the only time they dicked us around all day

Yep that spida code at 3am was not cool for me lol luckily there was a 2nd batch