Why Vince goin for 2 million MT?

Smoove tweeted about it. Wtf is wrong with people

700k now on ps4

first ones maybe

this always the case there always some psycho who just need that first one

maybe the 1/X card is more juiced who knows

Out of all myteam players, there have to be a couple of irl millionaires that just don’t care about money.


Vince Carter himself bought that card.

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Damn…can I get 400K MT for the Diamond?

It’s my friend he’s only doing a MT transfer , limited Vince is limited DWade with 2 inches I’m

I’m not a millionaire and a few grand a year on MyTeam is nothing. I know people who spend more than that on drinks at bars and stupid new clothes.


same reason wade went for millions dry season and the card is limited


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Noobs gonna noob

Literally could’ve wait 30 mins and got one for less

@QuantumKat a few bands ? Oh hell naw…

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Yeah but drinks and clothes can help you get girls… Vince Carter limited won’t


Hey. We don’t take advantage of drunk females. That’s how you get Bill Cosbied


I’m married already.


Can’t wait til I’m in the financial situation to blow a couple grand on my god squads development.

Must be nice

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It is. You should see all the other shit I waste money on.



The reason why is because this is the first real must have card that’s come out since Giannis was attainable. So the guys that got Giannis sold all their stuff and had millions of MT sitting, waiting for a card like Vince to come out.

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He’s a Opal without Equalizer, can be used for 2 months at PG spot at least, so why not? :man_shrugging:

Yes, this is accurate. And despite all of this MT, there’s no way I’m paying 700k lol

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