Why the NBA MVP race is closer than most want to admit? (Bron,Giannis)

Bucks Record - 53-9
Lakers Record - 47-13

Lakers are atop the West. The West is and has been considered an harder conference than the East and LA has only 4 more losses than the Bucks. A lot can change before this season is over.

Lebron leads the NBA in assist. His 10.6 assist nearly doubles Giannis while only averaging around 4 less points.

Giannis has been a top 5 defender all year. Arguably DPOY. The narrative that Lebron doesn’t play defense is fake. Most don’t know that Lebron is #5 In defensive real plus minus, top 10 in defensive win shares and has been playing great defensively all year as well. You package all that up with the fact that he is 35 years of age, top3 in points all time, top 8 in assist all time, 3x champion in year 17 and doing this in Historic LA with the reigning Finals MVP challenging him in the same arena… Makes for a great story.

This isn’t a case to say Lebron is the clear cut favorite over Giannis, but the door is still open and I could see why some voters may vote for the King.


honestly i do agree it is closer than many want to admit but its still definitely giannis


Lol no. Davis is avging more pts and boards and games in less field goals. Giannis 2nd best player in Khris fucking Middleton. Giannis in the conversion alone tbh. It’s amazing what bron is doing at 35 but let’s not get carried away. Giannis is gonna be a 2x MVP. He has improved on his MVP year in almost every stat.


While I agree that Lebron’s season is very impressive the more you look at it. He does not have a 1st place arguement over Giannis. There isnt really much LeBron can do to close the gap. I would be shocked if Giannis isn’t voted unanimous.


Per 36

Giannis 34.6 points / 16.1 rebounds / 6.7 assists / 1.2 steals / 1.2 blocks

Lebron 26.3 points / 8.1 rebounds / 11 assists / 1.3 steals / 0.5 blocks


Khris Middleton is averaging 21ppg while shooting 50%from the field while shooting 43% for 3… He’s a hell of a teammate as well. One that specifically fits with Giannis skill set at that. Add in Eric Bledsoe, the Lopez brothers and the array of quality defenders and shooters he has around him… He has a great supporting cast.’


I 100% agree but that team is dirt without Giannis. You can’t compare Khris to AD. Correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think ever in league history has there been an MVP who had an MVP player on their team. It’s hard to quantify the impact that singular player is having if he is playing with another top 5 NBA talent.


LeBron is not a good defender period end of story. U can give me howmany flawed stats u want but its CRYSTAL CLEAR that he is an BELOW AVERAGE defender that picks the easiest offensive players to guard on the other team.

Amount of games with 30 pts 10 reb 5 ast

Giannis : 14


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Is this another thread where the OP only mentions Lebron assist and ignored points rebounds , PER and everything else

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Jordan and Pippen were both top 5 in the NBA imo.

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To be fair he shouldn’t be going all out every possession anymore and does a good job load managing himself But he steps up on plays that matter. Not that it means much but it’s understandable

The crazy thing is Giannis is doing this in 30 minutes per game
Playing 260 less minutes than Bron

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Comparing Giannis defence to LeBron will be like comparing bmw to Chevrolet

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Naaa Depending on the year there were definitely 5 people ahead of Pippin. Also Jordan was transcendent. You could regularly see him be the best player on both ends of the court which isn’t the same for bron.

People act like defence is not literally 50% of the game. Posting their stats its not enough, it doesn’t show their defensive impact. LeBron is playing with a DPOY candidate, Giannis is a DPOY Candidate

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If you look at the year when Jordan first retired Pippen showed he could be the primary scorer on a contender, he just never had many chances to hone that part of his game. Today he would be a lockdown superstar like healthy Kawhi.

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