Why the difficulty spike in TT?

I don’t know about next gen but TT isn’t hard in current because like I said before all you gotta do is blow by your defender or act like your gonna drive and walk back and pull up for 3 then it’s up to you to green it.

Edit: You gotta use the cpu’s animations against them.

next gen is probably harder than current gen in terms of CPU defense, as CPU in next is like on steroids in defence. They actually pushing you in defence, and like everyone have HOF off ball pest or clamps or something, although shooting (or greening) might be easier in next gen. I played current gen in 2k21 and its easier to blow by defender. In next gen, i have a diamond IT with 99 speed and speed with ball (as i have monty as well), and he cant easily blow by his match-up, ofcourse i cant do the speed boost just like in 2k21, but still CPU is so much insane in defense in next gen. But with the right technique as above, you can still win in TTO offline majority of the time.


Yeah I heard next gen was much tougher defense, I need that badly, I want to sweat even vs the cpu.

CPU defense in next gen is borderline annoying to be honest lol

Cause they want the players to play online modes cause that’s where the frustration comes and the need to open packs to have a competitive team as every week the meta changes with new OP cards … look they even give Harden for playing online and win 5 games …
Ppl that play TT farm rewards/xp , evolve cards , make challenges … you dont need to open packs for that