Why the difficulty spike in TT?

I’m sure many here are aware, but the difficulty of TT increases substantially after 100 wins. This mode was a go-to for me last year to grind out Agendas but it’s damn near impossible to get anything done in this mode after 100 wins. You could conceivably go after assists/dunks by spamming PnR, but forget about getting 3’s as the CPU will either block or red contest every jumper.

I guess my main question would be “why”? TT offline has always been the more casual mode, the rewards aren’t gamebreaking at all, and even if you bought the most expensive cards in the game the mode still wouldn’t be easy by any stretch. Just wondering everyone’s thoughts on why they made this mode so damn unenjoyable after reaching 100 wins. I feel like I’m being punished for playing the mode.


for 3s your best chance (especially next gen) is to use 2 gold cards + your go to guy. For 3’s you need to spam step back or behind the back, or screen and pop. Otherwise, go to spotlight challenge and play Durant Rookie for easy 3s

Appreciate the advice, and I’ll definitely use it (I am indeed on next gen). It just sucks that a lot of the agendas need to be done in TT or TTO otherwise I could just spam challenge games to get a bunch of things done at once. I suppose I just need to accept that TT is no longer the fun, breezy, get agendas done with a chance at SOME rewards mode that it once was.

Don’t matter if they are gold cards though… CPU gold players defend and shoot lights out like Dark Matter cards lol

I have no idea WHY. It’s simply so stupid to make this casual mode so damn difficult. Only thing I am doing is grinding XP on rookie Domination or Spotlight challenge Dunkers game 1. Other than that… what else is there to do offline? Game for casual offline players is essentially dead.

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The thing there is match-up. using high tier cards will let the CPU use with similar cards (or even higher). Also, its advisable to use 2 Centres or PFs as your gold cards - as most of the time CPU will also match-up you with cards in same positions. Also note that if you pick teammates like Jimmy Butler type - they might match you up with another sweaty defender like Kawhi or Gerald Wallace. So i pick 2 noob Centre or can’t shoot like Shawn Bradley or Tree Rollins. Im like 500+ wins in TTO offline, but yeah its difficult compared to last year. Easiest 3 for me for is using evoed player like Trae, driving then behind the back is the easiest for me to get 3s, sometimes pick n pop works (hence you need a good picker)

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On current TT feels the same to me as 2k21, maybe next gen is harder. I’m over 400 wins and it got a little harder after 100 wins but nothing crazy.

I just finished 300 wins today and it was tuff at first till I used Gary Harris , even duncan Robinson was missing shots after 100 wins . But gary Harris is a tto savior and he still was elite even after 200 wins because the difficulty go up some more at a point. I was noticing I wasnt hitting as often but I still couldn’t get one player with both of them in the vault. That just sad when you play 55 games and couldn’t get the player one time.

I pretty much exclusively play TT to grind agendas. Specifically for 3s, I don’t try to create my own shot. Use a point guard, any point guard really to create an open catch and shoot for the guy you want to shoot 3s with. I’ll typically try to get the shooter on either side of the arc, then use the ball handler to pin both defenders. The shooter then typically runs across the arc to the top for a wide open 3. It sounds kind of complicated, but the CPU does most of it for you. Just be patient.

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Calling for a pick in this position is pretty much the only way I figured to get somewhat consistent 3’s on next gen.

If you need 3’s with a slow big then that probably doesn’t help you. If you turbo to the 3 point line around the pick you can get some 3’s. Can work sometimes from the corner 3 position as well. Just try to find a good angle around there where the help is late to close out.


It was the same way last year too.

Thats the technique

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Pass and screen away till the pass receiver goes to the corner and do a quick catch and shoot 3.

On current difficulty will always be easy especially in TT because you can at any time blow by the defender, I am gonna have to get PS5 soon because I heard next gen defense is tough and that’s what I want to play vs. I like to have to seriously play to win even vs the cpu, Them Gauntlet challenges were probably my favorite thing ever in a video game.

You sir are a psychopath :slight_smile:
JK bro.

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For TTOffline….I literally just use Ruby Dame, just get him up to the 3 point line, pass it to whoever is also at the 3 and then pass it right back to Dame, gives him enough space to hit the 3. If a big man is covering Dame just do a step back or size up. Just use the other 2 gold players at center for rebounds. I’m using this for PS4 and maybe lose once every 30 games.

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It’s not that they made this mode hard on purpose. The game overall is harder. But you can still shoot threes after snatchbacks. Or call “receive screen” when standing on a wing, to get an off ball screen for a wide open 3 at the top of the key.

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problem is - there is no good enough reward in ttoffline that worth playing. After 100+ wins - still zero diamond players and as I remember zero 5token prizes.

With added level of complexity (compared to past versions of 2k) - they should open stupid vault every time an d guarantee top prize after 50wins. Grinding this season is just boring (and looks like it’s going to be same way for whole game)

I actually like added complexity - but it’s good for occasional game play - not when you need to waste that much time to reach top level…

p.s. I do have Melo - but I think I’m not going to grind any other 40.

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Exactly, I play TTOff to do some challenges in it on next gen and it just becomes a pain in the ass to play it after 100 wins, I use 1-2 evolved starter player (they count as emeralds) + the guy I’m doing the challenge on, and it’s a lot easier then but still pretty tough, their defense is fucking insane and in attack they are nearly unstoppable at times, even when you heavily contest their shots…

Best chance for easy 3’s and grinding if it doesn’t need to be TT or TTO for me is Dunktober Challenge 1 or the 9 threes challenge on Pro. Can easily hit 8 threes with amybody required, do someone else for another 8 and so on and finish and hit the last 3 whenever you want to stop.

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Use a combination on evolved Trae, Mitchell amd Jokic. You’ll keep matching up again lower tiered cards.