Why should I pick someone everybody recommends?

As my first GO reward i picked Wilt Chamberlain (he was the only GO available at that time). Then I chose Frazier over Worthy because I didn’t have a good PG. Soon I’m going to pick my third GO but… in a meantime I got GO Griffin and I’m about 15 cards away from GO Giannis. So my question is…
What’s the point taking: Worthy if I will already have Giannis at that time?
What’s the point taking: Petit if i already have Blake?

There are three GO that I use regularly, PG, PF and C. I don’t know if it makes sense to take another GO for these positions. So you may be surprised but im thinking of taking AI and putting him as PG and moving Frazier to SG. These are their secondary positions (Frazier is a bit taller so it makes sense). ANY ADVICE? I don’t run players out of their positions. :slight_smile:

Just do whatever you want man.
The most Important thing is to have fun. :innocent:
In the end it is your own decision that counts.

If you pick AI you could bench Frazier so you will have 2 Galaxy Opal Point Guards.


AI = point guard
Frazier = shooting guard

If I pick him.
TBH - I have most fun running budget squad :smiley:

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You could do that too :innocent:
Although both are more effective
with the ball on their hands

You could also wait if you are already having fun however it would be mid june if they add another GO Token Reward

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if i ever reach 750 again, i would just take AI.

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Hmmm maybe :slight_smile: I will also have that 3k Tokens reward :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: soooooo i will probably have all those rewards someday. (hopefully)

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If you are aiming for 3K tokens you will definitely gonna have them all :innocent:

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I have AI and I think you have to use him at SG to harness his strengths.

i don’t see how having giannis affects your choice to take worthy — they actually play perfectly together

if you want the best team possible then pick worthy, otherwise do whatever your heart desires

Both Giannis and Worthy play the same positions (SF and PF) If you suggest using them together… it means benching my PF (GO Blake). OR it means that you want me to run Giannis at PG? :angry: :wink:

play worthy at SG — his best position & not terribly unrealistic

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You know I can’t do this right? :slight_smile: I GOT THESE RULES MAN. :smiley:

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Worthy at the 2 is hardly unrealistic though, what’s the difference between Worthy and McGrady at the 2? 1 inch in height.

From the real Nba games i’ve watched:

Iverson at PG is more realistic than him at SG. Just check who Eric Snow is lol.

Pistons were so trash at that time, Hill literally had to do everything including playmaking, started with bringing the ball. Same goes for Pippen without MJ. Even with him on the floor, he was playmaking often.

Worthy can play 2-4 and he even could be a really good 5 in today’s Nba. Only at 1 is really unrealistic.

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I just use the suggested positions from 2k. :slight_smile: I don’t have TMac and even if I did he would be my SF. :slight_smile: Some people like the freedom of using players wherever they want. Others stick to recommended positions or their common sense. Let’s not go deeper into this please. :smiley:

Hill was really like LeBron, he was playmaking a lot but let Dumars guard small players.


I respect everyone’s preferences but what i mean is;

Hill at PG and Thon Maker at PG are not the same thing as some douchebag who know nothing about real basketball suggested lmao. A real sim oriented player who would want to counter cheese and win my team games would choose Hill and Pippen not Thon Maker at that position.

I’d get that Iverson and use him if i had the chance btw. Big fan :slight_smile:

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Just take a player that you like the most, or wait for another banch.

or maybe u can get elgin and run him at sg

:slight_smile: dude. Seriously never considered this. :smiley: thx need to think about it