Why people who already got Dr J still using Giannis cheese smh 🤮

As title, just face a Giannis cheesier again, play overtime beat him by 4 .All the game with him was cheesing with Giannis at point guard and 5 out lol, why can’t player plays fun after they get POTM…


to practice for the next month

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11-0 before March, it’s a sweatfest

@shoko they sucked :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Still let them hold the L lol

Asia Server the worst ever

It happens on the US servers too. Every run I get on I beat several people that already have POTM. I get to 6-11 games every time, but end up taking an L to some try hard cheesing douche bag. Getting the POTM isn’t even that important, because I have cards that are better. It’s just frustrating, because I’ve beat a couple people that had GO Zeke.

The best time to go 12-0 is 2nd to 3rd week of the month. IMO

Unless you can go 12-0 easily.