Why kawhi Leonard does not play back to backs

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Load management must be the name of the strip club


For real though :eyes::eyes::eyes:

He’s 28 years old, if he’s not playing what you expect him to do? Sit alone in the hotel room?

He’s also married and has a kid. I wouldn’t expect him to be at a strip club that’s for sure lol


I’m pretty sure he’s not married?

Yeah you’re right. He just has a girlfriend. It’s not my life tho so not my problem :joy:

In some places they call it team bonding

A lot of married people go to strip clubs, some even with there partner, this Isn’t 1950, don’t be so righteous

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Like I said, it’s not my life. I don’t got a problem with him going to the strip club and throwing some money around. If anything I got more of a problem with whoever was out there videotaping Kawhi without him knowing.

I’m righteous for not expecting Kawhi to be at a strip club because he has a gf and a kid?

Y’all actually think that’s Kawhi lol.

Yes lol


Walked in wearing a white hoodie

Walked out wearing a brown hoodie


Fuck him


Don’t worry for Kawhi’s family life. Most of these NBA wifes/gfs know what they’ve signed up for. It’s part of the deal for the superstar life. NBA athletes spend half of their year in other cities, i mean come on…


Kawhi doesnt play b2b to be fresh and dominant when it matters : in PO , we saw last year the result of a good load management

As much as I am a big LeBron fan, I’m not about to hate on this man for being at a strip club, now if he plays in the Orlando game and suck ass, then I’ll talk shit, but if he sit then I’m fine with that

Maybe not, I don’t know, I just don’t see a problem with it, but maybe I’m fucked up, it’s a complicated world out there, especially as a multi millionaire 20 something year old

That girl will manage kawhi’s load :rofl:


Damn Kawhi straight finessing the system. I thought he was missing games because he was injured. But at the same time you could be injured and still making it rain in the strip club right?