Why is there no Dirk card with a decent hair style?

C’mon 2k. The man is a legend and every year they give him this ugly hair style that isn’t even close to what it looks like in reality. Other player’s hair styles are so on point, why are they so lazy with his?

I mean, there is this unattainable historic lineup card (which is 7’1 btw) that uses the short hair style that looks way better…

For me, the main reason I can’t use Dirk is his hair, not his release. What do you think?


covid quarantine? :rofl:

I doubt he even looks like that rn. He has had ugly hair in 2k for as long as I can remember. :disappointed_relieved:

Which one does he have on his goat card? The long caveman style?

This dirk is waaayy better than…


Backstreet boy dirk


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Larry Birds hair always sucks too

Pretty much all of the longer hair styles look rough. Pistol Pete is another one that looks awkward.

Their hair looks like cheap af Halloween costume wigs. Lol

Nash looks like the guy that was Rorschach in The Watchmen movie.


Where is my Halloween dirk card

Lurch nowitzki