Why is the new magic so relatively cheap?

When I first saw he was in Kobe packs I didn’t even both looking him up in the AH but then I saw someone on here say they picked one up for like 130K and was kinda shocked. Is there something wrong with the card? The stats look prettt beefy

Because the original was so common and the new one is not much improved

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Yep this. Original was like 350k before the 2 locker codes and super packs

I knew that one was prettt cheap but I just figured this one would be super expensive, guess I was wrong.

He’s even cheaper when you can sell the anniversary magic


The new one looks to only be marginally better but the stat increases to moving jump shots make him much more deadly imo. This is end game magic until we get and Opal with double the badges.

After he’s out of packs he’ll prob be closer to 200k


I already sold the new Magic. He’s better but everybody uses Magic. I’ll stick to GP/CP3.

Also a ton of people ripping packs for Kobe and saturating market with Magic.