Why is something as simple as a post-up not in triple threat?

You can’t even select the PnR recipient either!

When someone is thoroughly exposed for having a defensive liability in height or strength, I want to put my best offensive post player on him. I usually am able to do this through setting manual picks getting the defensive switch I want, but in TTO, you cannot do that.

Instead, I’m forced to sit there and watch as the random recipient of my called pick n roll wonders aimlessly into the paint instead of posting up.

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You have to buy 2k20 for that


Wym, you can choose the screener

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Yea idk what exactly your talking about, you can choose who u want to screen for u and if u got a mismatch then just past to that guy and immediately post up and back the smaller/weaker defender down

You can choose the Pick n Roller…

Pft, I post up with Kareem all the time, just dribble down the court with Kareem, and post lol

Too much space to really be hindered by spacing for the post

Maybe I overlooked that, but there’s still not a solution for a simple damn post up.

I don’t know what I’m getting so worked up for, limitless range absolutely dominates this game mode. Can’t tell you how many games I’ve lost shooting a PERFECT fg% like 8 for 8 or 9 for 9, but because they were all shots dominating the post, I still lost because I wasn’t shooting 3’s.

The things is, you can’t do triple threat position in the post in “triple threat”.

I mean you can but it’s so hard to pull off. You have to be fouled first.

I just want to turn off help defense or turn on switch all :sob::sob::sob:


That’s another problem. The lack of CPU defensive logic is awfully exposed when it’s only 3 v 3 and with OP cards.

You’ll have guards running to protect the rim and leave a shooter wide open

3p line was added in the 80s. Imagine basketball without 3p line…

What’s that even supposed to mean as it relates to this topic? I know my history of basketball.

I’m not opposed to the 3 ball, I just don’t like 2k’s execution of it in MyTeam. I’ll put it to you like this… The people that play nothing but the 3 ball with their cheesy limitless range & whatever other HOF shooting badges they have would be run out of the gym in a normal game on HOF or even superstar sliders with normal teams.

You have to be across the half court line to call screens/choose screener/choose fade or roll, etc. in triple Threat.

Wack, I know.

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2k would have characters regularly jump over ppl like Vince carter did in the olympics if there was no 3 pointer.