Why is no one talking about Derrick Jones jr strength?

89? We really going to say he stronger then PD LeBron ?
Stronger then his teammate who play center bam?

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He never missed miss dunk contest lmao Gordon missed 1

yea he’s a twig with hops in real life

i don’t know what 2k was thinking but it is a “fAnTaSy gAmE”


With the right coach and the right shoe, when he gets hot he’s the strongest man in the history of basketball

can he hold his own at the 4 despite height?

Strength wise yes, height wise no, too many easy hooks over him

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about what I expected thanks. will still pick him up for cheap tonight to test out

They had to throw him a bone, he’s a 6’6” PF/SF


Jones Jr or Bridges? I only need one.

They should of gave him SF/SG


Bridges because he cheaper

Lol, DJJ is like 58k BIN on Xbox rn

he’s gonna drop if the mvp card is good


I grabbed Miles for 35k last night and just played my first game with him. Pretty nice. Just wondering if DJJ is better. I’m good with Bridges though.

I like Jones a little better but bridges have a Better model and very similar

The question is who has better strength and/or animations? :thinking::thinking: I’m looking to pick one of them up for the sf spot

I like Jones speed, his rebounding is higher too

That might be the move. Maybe I’ll just get both to test and ditch one

Bridges has that sweet left hand release.

Same as jones