Why is kobe so cheap?

I bought him for 280k. Really regret it cause hes way cheaper now. U guys think his price will go up?

nah. hes probably going to.drop a little more this weekend because of Giannis. And the PD is coming soon too.

Pd kobe is an anniversary reward so he has to be coming at some point.

But yeah I would say 180k is a steal at this point, he’s a god.

Because imo he only worth 130-150k with 3HOF badges

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There’s a lot of cards with less or no hofs going for that price.

With worse flaws too.

I didnt like him for some reason. I’ve done more damage with Drazen.

You need to build your whole team around him.

Drazen is a lot different.

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Hof difficult shots is godly though


My offense is never as easy as when i face Drazen / Klay / Any BBQ Chicken

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Yeah I’m hoping Klays price drops significantly tomorrow or Friday but I doubt it. I want that card so damm bad. I was out of town when he was in packs or I would have dropped a grip trying to pull him.

lmao hes not that bad. And he makes up with it dropping bombs. easily the best shooter I’ve used this year.

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Klay is legit stupid.

Idk he’s the best sharp I’ve ever used and I played w a lot of cards in my day.

Get hot every game green beans from half court.

Lol klay isn’t exactly bbq chicken, at the 2 at least.

Yeah that’s why I want him. I’ve have a good team and the ruby still gets minutes. I know his shot well and green with that card. man what I could do with the Diamond.

I just scored with Pierce 14 straight post points in the 4th Qtr on Diamond Klay

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Tried getting him around 200k just now but already outbid. I can’t get myself to drop more than that on someone that has so many holes offensively when it comes to playmaking/finishing. I understand that he’s an amazing shooter and solid defender which makes up for his weaknesses for others though.

Yeah hes 3 and D for sure. But hes the BEST 3 and D player in the game. I’ve got Oscar and Bron to drive. And coming soon PD Giannis. Hell probably be the first PD I keep.

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I feel you. I can usually avoid that situation with klay and good stick skill. He has a really high contest.

Never been posted up with him except a couple times by melo and pierce w middling results.

The guy was leading all game until Pierce just killed him

I know but there’s a PD around the corner .I would rather wait.