Why is illgaskus so op

I know he’s a little slow, but everything else is so op. I picked him up last night and have ran about 10 games. His size at 73 and base 11 quick release it’s just unstoppable. He’s like a Ralph Sampson on steroids. Unreal how a guy like big z gets a card like this lol.

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Already sold Ralph. The True oversized sniper is here.

He has base 11???

No it’s not base 11

Big Z is the first stretch big I’ve ever seen as a kid

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But that Lateral quickness…I’m a little worried about that def. Holding on to PD Ralph for now.


Pretty funny he has a 90+ open 3, and has probably made less than 50 three pointers in his career.


Have u tried running him against extended pressure and 5out ?

Z was OP in his youth

Who the hell would wanna try that? Just quit out of that cowardly shit.

Stretch big that took 100 threes in his whole career.


Why get big Z, when you can get Marc gasol for half the price.

And he is better in my opinion


Who says he don’t have base 11? Lol it’s base 11, but a tad slower. greens for days.

Quickest release of any of the bigs who can shoot a 3.


Marc gasol is not better. His shot is slower and he’s 2 inches shorter. Z is better at everything but speed.

His 3 is almost as fast as googs. I forgot about him?

2 inch

2 inches my bad

Z is absolutely an elite center option. He’s so big that his lateral quickness doesn’t hurt. Just sag off a little and keep a hand up. You will contest every shot and be in the way on drives

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