Why is HOF Ankle Breaker so rare?

at this point in the game we have many cards that have HOFs for limitless, DRD, Posterizer, etc but when it comes to HOF Ankle Breaker I can only think of Opal Cp3 that have it.

PD AI has it.

I think ankle breaker animations in general are rare

Anniversary Steph will definitely have it.

Whattt, never knew this.

How do you search by badge like that?

Click on the blue filter option in the second photo. Scroll down the page after, and click on the “More Filters” section as in the third photo (it isn’t a button, you need to click on that text in the White field).

Then, you can tap the picture of the badge to alternate between the different colors of the badges.

Hope that helps!


Thank you. Very helpful :fire:… charge your phone


Because i would make ppl uninstall this game if we get 6.6+ with HOF ankle breaker ;D