Why is Every TTO Game Either Against a Horrible Team or a Great Team?

My TTO squad is good, so I’m not really complaining. Just wondering why this is. There seem to be 2 types of teams i run into 80% of my games. There are the beginners, on one of the lower collector levels. These teams are usually a mix of 3 reward cards or 2 reward cards and one budget card. The reward cards 9/10 times are either the starter reward cards or some of the career highlight or previous locker code cards. I tend to run into this type of team more in the middle of the day. The other type of team consists of usually a GOAT card at least, and one of the big 3 lockins (pippen thon kareem). This team I run into in the morning or night. I also tend to have the same win ratio against both teams which is odd but another discussion. Does anyone know why most opponents are on either end of the spectrum, and why the better teams are early or late in the day?

the garbage matchmaking.

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Bc people who like pos locks quit in march


the sweats really come out around midnight tho. all you see are GOAT players

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most pple who are still around either just started or have been playing for most of the cycle.

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thats what i was thinking. last year i came right around now, and this year ive been here since the beginning.

yeah my guess is either massive credit cards or snipers. either case it’s usually a person who has a job if they either have the patience or money, so they probably get done all they have to do for the day and hop on 2k for 30 mins to an hour