Why I quit playing 22 and am avoiding 23 like I avoid Covid

I have been a hardcore basketball video game player ever since a game titled “basketball” launched on the Atari 2600 nearly 40 years ago. I have owned every basketball game on nearly every console since and have always played at a high level of both skill and enjoyment. That has all changed though. The skill is still there but the enjoyment is gone. The 2 primary reasons are the 70% loading screen glitch and the ridiculous algo BS. These 2 things flat out ruin the game for me. Why should my framerate and game speed be lowered out of nowhere? And why is it happening in single player modes? Why does the game function as intended 30% of the time at most??? Anyway it was nice chatting with many of you guys about this game franchise but I am getting much more enjoyment from MLB The Show 22. End of story.


I feel your pain. I skipped paying for 2K last year and vowed to quit altogether, but my wife actually talked me into buying the game today so she could have more “me time” this year while I am quarantined in my “man attic” grinding for XP. :joy:


In my mind, when it’s $60 or less and I am pretty sure I’ll play it for 5+ hours then that’s just fine as a value proposition.

Then again, the real question is whether or not one should be putting 5+ hours into the game, regardless of $ cost…

Do you mean more than 5 hours a day or total?

Wait if you’re sincere in your headline you don’t have to stop playing.

You just have to wear a face mask.