Why i cant put shoes i created on auction?

Why i cant put shoes i created on auction??

Cause it’s a blasphemy to sell Kobe sneakers , they are not produced anymore (thanks to Vanessa Bryant) so you’d better keep them , they are part of bball history now :joy::joy:


I never like kobe so i dont care about those shoes😘 so why i cant sell them to some kobe’s fan?

Can’t sell the shoes u got from the 2k21 challenge or the shoes u get from collector level

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So there are reward shoes? We went from not being able to sell diamond shoes (that were exclusively rewards at that point) to being able to sell them to not being able to sell reward shoes. 2k keeps things fresh for us.

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Thank you for answer…it could be they are from 2k21 …challenge , fuck!! I created them for profit… If i knew i wouldnt creat them​:sob::sob: well i think someone in my team will get nice boost then.

Either put them on a good pink diamond reward card or put them on a new card and repost for potential profit

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I dont have any PD​:man_facepalming::man_facepalming::joy: i have few shity diamonds but i need to chose one guy like you said and try have some profit after sale​:man_facepalming:

U will eventually

looks nice for a giannas, lebron, or MJ card