Why has 2k not figured out how to make small PGs relevant?

How many years we in the game?

We all wait for the same time, for when 6’10 pgs come in. Now all of a sudden you can’t use a Chris Paul or a John Stockton.

As if these players aren’t legendary in their own right. Why has the gameplay made smaller players completely unusable in the game at a point? I absolutely hate coming up against the same teams. Or me HAVING to run Ben Simmons against BEN SIMMONS every game I play.

They haven’t figured out the balance yet? Like dude what’s going on

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Because of this


Height will always be a meta no matter what in 2K. Height is the biggest advantage in real life basketball too. Teams don’t like drafting undersized point guards. It’s just how it is. Ben Simmons actually plays PG and so does Magic. That’s two 6’9-10 PGs. So now to balance the game, 2K has to eventually drop cards that don’t actually play PG to play PG or else everyone will run the same two cards. This will happen regardless


But you named two pgs in a game that has over a thousand players. With a ton of smaller pgs and even players smaller playing bigger positions and effectively.

Like Zion being 6’5 shouldn’t matter if he’s ZION. It doesn’t in real life, but in the game he’s almost too small to play with. That shouldn’t be the case. As bigger and smaller cards should off rip come with their own pros and cons. Even the fantasy ones.

This the best year so far tbh

They extended pg effectiveness as long as they could this year. Tbh I still run small pgs. But out of necessity. Don’t have mt.


I find Zion perfectly fine. Only PG have a size problem. And Ben and Magic were unstoppable by small PGs. Same in the game.

Height is always good for everything.

Problem is just that they give everybody a 9x speed.
Imho they have to give max speed only to smaller guys, bigger guys should be slower. Like they do in my career mode.

On the other hand, next stupid thing is… Ingame, A 80 speed tall guy is faster than a 80 speed small guy

  1. Game engine problem: taller players with lower speed ratings move faster during gameplay than shorter players with higher speed ratings

  2. Card attributes/badges problem: stop giving Magic, Ben, Penny, et al. reliable three point shooting cards and just make them good at playmaking and slashing.

Those tall PG cards would be used much less frequently by the community if people actually had to play like they played IRL instead of them playing like a 6’10" Steph Curry.

Small PGs had a longer run than usual in the META this year (Hero Luka was their breaking point) but they should be viable all year long IMO.

They aren’t because 2K knows that cheese is what sells packs, and this mode is primarily designed to make money, not offer a balanced gameplay experience. That is the unfortunate reality of a mode that has always had the potential to be the most balanced in the game, but never has been, and never will be, purely because of Take Two’s greed.


It will never happen in this fantasy mode. Unless they make small pgs really really really fast and better 3 pt shooters than big PGs like magic and Ben an penny ect. but like now, this time of year every card is fast and can shoot 3s.

Play now online has normal ratings and no one plays that shit. Literally no one. Everyone wants realistic ratings and no one plays PNO lol

Juan Navarro, Pistol, Ray, Stockton, Deron Williams have all been elite this cycle. Small players are usable. I’m probably starting 6-5 Elgin at the 3 when I get him. I’d use a DM Iverson too. His PD was good when he dropped. Hell PD Curry was elite for months.

CP3 and little ass guards like that will never be the wave over the course of the mode. 2k isn’t going backwards in regards to pack sales.

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They know how to make them relevant, it just doesn’t make them money. EVERY single card has HoF QFS, Range, Handle for days etc etc and 95+ speed/swb etc etc, so there’s absolutely no reason to use a small PG.

The clamps badge broke PNO when it was added to the game last year and hardly anyone on the main NBA roster had it above bronze, making it impossible for 90% of defenders to keep their man from turboing to the rim and stiffarming/trucking them like Christian Okoye shrugging off a would-be Brian Bosworth tackle.

2K needs to remove clamps from the game to make PNO playable again, defensively.

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And this I feel like just know it’s a way to keep shit fantasy, but also keep all players relevant. No matter the size. They haven’t touched the balance yet.

There should absolutely be pluses and minuses with matchups. Beyond dynamic duos, have whole starting 5s that either boost or harm the team chemistry. It’s a way. But just playing this shit over the years I’m really tired of all players having the same stats and moves. It’s NO strategy to any of it

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They had it figured out. 2k16 small PG’s were totally viable.

What changed was them giving taller players top tier speed and shooting that should be reserved for the little guys.

They purposely fucked up the balance to build the power creep and build the cash flowing in.

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Strong disagree. Magic and Simmons don’t have nearly the real-life quickness of smaller guards. True, Magic and Ben are great defenders, but 2K could easily make them less mobile and hence more realistic. Ben shouldn’t be able to move like a 6’2” point guard. Ain’t no way he is as fast or quick as Iverson, for instance.

The issue is that tall players have to stop playing like they are small guards on the court.

Ben and Magic run right past most guards in the NBA. They aren’t slow lumbering bigs.

And yes Iverson is faster but I promise you Ben will chase him down and swat whatever he tries to put up easily

those two are actually ‘quicker’ than most guards irl. has been on a sixers game its crazy how quick ben is with his size in person

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I have always thought the smaller players should just draw more fouls on the bigger players. Instead they just get blocked.