Why doesn't anybody like McHale?

I saw him going yesterday for 25K or something ridiculous. Why don’t you like him? I know that people may pull too many of him and just need to make the MT but if the price is so low, that means that many of you don’t want him on your team. He’s an A+ PF. I run him off the bench and keep a silver/gold 3pt shoe on him and he’s absolutely cash. Makes most of his open threes. And people leave him open pretty often. He also grabs a lot of rebounds for me and is solid defensively. Sure you can’t take anyone off the dribble with him but why would you? If I ever find a McHale with Curry’s up at a ridiculously cheap price, he’s mine.

I love him but fully loaded with op cards. If only this was a post based game like k17. His only rival is Hakeem when it comes to post moves i guess.

Most people don’t even know who Kevin McHale was, remember the community is mainly made with teenagers.

Second: he isn’t suited for 5 out zig zag with just an 86 open 3.

Third: he’s extremely hard to use just like all (white) crafty non athletic players.

Fourth: working the post isn’t rewarding: most of the time you will fool your defender and get hip/armpit blocked/stipped. I.e. Yestrday I made an opponent jump with D Rob’s up&under move and I was called for a travel, like if I can control how this fucker moves his feet.

Fifth: very few people know how to work the post.

Sixth: most people want a small ball SF at the 4 and most think McHale is undersized for the 5.


His up & under and post spin work great. But I agree, some games end up being just dunking/3pt contests and the pace that some games are played at, don’t really provide many post scoring chances. I can’t be posting up when my opponent plays dumb defense and leaves Bird or KD open. Have to take that shot.

I wouldn’t use him at the 5 either and I like a quicker 4 too. I love Bird at the 4. Other than him not grabbing a huge amount of rebounds, he is very well suited playing there. I enjoy taking slow ass Dirks and Porzingis’ off the dribble. And you’re right about the armpit and crotch blocks. They’re ridiculous. You do everything right and get the defender jumping and you still lose out. But for the price that McHale is going for, he’s an almost must cop for a bench squad. It’s not that he’s just great at the post, he’s great everywhere. Mid-range and threes too. Just have to keep a shoe on him and his rating is almost amy Porzingis. I also think that automatic defensive settings make defenders sag off him because maybe his 3pt tendencies are not high or whatever and I get at least 1 open three every game with him. And his slow speed with ball isn’t a problem either when going up against a defender with low lat quickness. He can run past them if they’re reaching.
I’ve thought about replacing him with someone fancier but since I can’t get anything for selling him, I may just keep him.

He is awesome. Only CWebb and Malone are better PFs imo.

I would very like to try him, since I never had a McHale card, but armpit block’s frequency scares me out of it.
I think the only effective post up is face up this year, and while I can make people rage quit in the face up high post with amy MJ or 98 D Wade, I fear this McHale isn’t suited for it, lacking explosiveness, HOF difficult shots and ball control.

I would try him but, to slow as PF and to small as C and badging him properly cost nearly more than the card itself

80+ is too slow for PF? And what badges do you need? He basically misses only Dimer, arguably also DRD.

42 ball control and in general poor playmaking, yeah Dimer, DRD and Corner Specialist is already like 15k

I assume you meant speed with the ball that is not as important on frontcourt players imo.

He only needs corner specialist. And you can find this badge for under 2k a piece rn. DRD is useless if you’re not trying to hit contested shots. Also dimer is something that if you want everyone to have, most big men lack it by default. So yeah, he needs 4,5-5k in 3 corner badges and 500-1000 MT for shoes that last 6 games. It’s still cheaper than buying a much more expensive player.

Because he’s slow af. I bought him and sold him immediately after one game. Love everything else about this card though.

Try and guard pink diamond KD/LeBron with him. I consider myself a good on-ball defender, and McHale COULD NOT handle Durant.

There is this thing called matchups in the menu.

And when your opponent has magic, LeBron, tmac, giannis, and kd, who do you suggest he guard?

Magic, the smallest threat, considering his jumpshot isnt as reliable as others and is slower, you can sag off slightly more.

I love mchale, did great for me at C. Got killed by Kareem on the glass though lol cowens is another amazing card that’s overlooked because of height. Something about the old Celtics players people don’t spend on lol

People just dont like to use white guys.

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Unless they are named Larry lol

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