Why doesnt 2k do this?

Give players the choice to trade in reward cards they dont use anymore for tokens. Like a Pd reward in exchange for 100 tokens back or an amethyst reward for 40 tokens back.


I think that’s a good idea, just trade in whatever reward card you want for half the original value. That way I’d finally be able to get a GO lmao


Yeah would be freaking great.

I wish there was a way to get rid of players you have locked in sets. I’m just tired of seeing the same players that I never use always showing up when I create a new line up

Good idea, but decisions made in this mode are permanent for a reason. The idea is bad for business.

Orr… Just make the reward player the final form of that player… it’s stupid to release a Ruby grant hill as a reward costing 500k in October, knowing you’re gonna release a themed PD version in February… Why not make someone good, but unique, who won’t get higher than a Ruby the reward card… Or better yet, save higher tiers for actual higher tier players instead of this BS “you get an opal, you get an opal, EVERYONE gets an opal!” Yayyyy! :expressionless::triumph: