Why doesn’t anyone run Lebron?

Run Lebron? I almost never see him in god squads

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if you match more squads you will see Bron lmao


I have him…thinking about selling before his price drops like giannis’ just did. A new bron 𝐂𝐚𝐫𝐝 has got to be coming soon.

you might be right but as long as his moment challenge still there, people will always pay crazy price on him, which is the reason i keep spotlight Giannis last week trying to bet 2K releasing his own challenge.

I never understand why @Carlo221 is never starting with lebron cards

It a 94 Lebron and he as op to some other cards. Like Kobe

maybe you just don’t trust him


lebron card is op enough to be a starter especially at pf

95 Giannis is better

can’t shoot

That lebron moments challenge is gone

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82 three with coach and

0 relevant shooting badges

Giannis a rare breed. He don’t need none to be a top 3 card in the game.

depends on your playstyle. for some he can be the best card in the game and for others he can be liability without better shooting

Giannis only a liability when you make him one.

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what would you do when his matchup will park at the paint?

Shoot and green the 3


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