Why does Yao Ming not feel as good as a Wiseman?

We all thought that Yao would have better dribble sigs than what he has, and he just doesn’t feel fast like a Kareem, or a Wiseman. His release is fine, good off the catch. Dino and Eddy Curry are Better. Why is he not feeling fast? Tell me please

I seen a gameplay. His sigs are ass

He is terrible for me I easily keeping him for collections.

Feels very fast and amazing for me, idk what to tell ya. Regardless of sigs, he is 7’6 99 everything

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He suffers from KAT speed, where his speed ratings say he should be faster.

Definitely does not move like Wiseman or Kareem.

Yeah he’s great, no arguing that, but Wiseman’s appeal is that he’s 7 feet with the sigs of a guard. Yao isn’t as mobile or fluid with the ball

And, ISNT as good.

Can I get some gameplay I haven’t seen any

I watched eastbound’s stream. He can tween up the court and his hop step is the definition of nutty. However, somehow his defense just feels off, the worse defense of the goat centers imo.

Unstoppable on offense while leaving a bit to be desired on D

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Yao is unstoppable

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He isn’t Shaq :man_shrugging:t2:

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You’re right

He’s better everywhere except fast breaks

Shaq has park sigs. He’s one of the best dribblers in the game and is absolutely elite on both ends. Yao has some big men sigs unfortunately.

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I think it’s:

1A) Shaq
1B) Yao

but it really comes down to playstyle…

I really thought he’d be close to 2m today.

this is accurate from my own exp. shaq is a better perimeter defender by far

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