Why does PD Carmelo get no love?

I never see anyone use this card or really talk about it as a top SF in the game right now, am I missing something? I have been using him in some spotlights and he greens everything, crazy badges too. The only thing that I could see being used against him is that gold steady shooter badge but I dont think that’s a dealbreaker.

His shot is weird as hell but I use him off my bench because his badges are just too insane to not play him lol HOF Anklebreaker, Handles, Clamps and QFS make him God tier

s t e a d y s h o o t e r


A -5% penalty on your open shots may not sound huge but enough for players to stay away or at least not to celebrate that card.

Is that steady shooter that gives him a so weird shot?

No that’s his new shot base and release

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No, it doesn’t interfere with the animation.

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Damn, his shot is naturally trash then

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After finishing the spotlight I tried he and Kawhi out in a handful of MTU games. I think he’s really solid but overpriced and doesn’t quite play up to his ratings. Add in the fact that he was coming off my bench and basically being used as a 3&D at SF and I decided to sell him back and replace him with Richard Jefferson.

On the other hand, Kawhi is a beast and is usually my leading scorer off the bench.


I just can’t time his shot. It doesn’t have a nice apex for me to time. I had the same problem with the diamond and the PD is same. I always love Melo cards but can’t get his shot down this year.

I think he’s incredible. Hes my starting SF and my go to scorer in triple threat. I only notice the steady shooter badge when he drills a contested shot. Still green’s a ton of his open ones

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His shot is wonky to me but only because in MTU, the meter can go fast or slow, depending on how the game goes

His post fade is money. All that matters to me.

I like him. He can get close to 99 speed with ball. I feel like people don’t realize how op that is for him and he has a post game.

Crazy how the market dictated Melo is 100k more than Kawai. It’s like these kids don’t play the game and just buy based on the numbers and badges

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might also just be the pack odds