Why does PD Ben Wallace keep disappearing from auction house?di

Why does PD Ben Wallace keep disappearing from the auction house on XB

You mean- other way that being bought by players thirsty for a first auctionable Pink Diamond ?

There is no single one in ps4 ah as well. That’s impossible.

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When I checked 30min ago there was 12 cards on Xbox.

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…and tbh,i was surprised that it was JUST 12 cards, but I thought that his owners took him from market and waiting for prime time hours.

Auction house is struggling, keeps crashing when I cash out transactions.

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This. Every time I go to my auctions, crash.

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There’s just so many people on, the AH is having tons of visual glitches. It’ll show up, don’t worry.

Yep. Everything is fine. Nothing to see here keep moving thanks!


Just saw one up for 24 hours in ps4

Disappeared alrd. I think its an exploit ppl are using to bid on auctions with no BIN , maybe outbidding themselves, that causes the auction to disappear, and then the auction will run out, with the person who did the exploit having no competition to get the card.

Bro. Shhhhh. Delete that shit!


Cmon man

Sorry didn’t know deleted it lol

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