Why does Mo Bamba have a TB elite card?

A throwback mo???

So last night I went to bed it was 2k19.

I get up today and see Mo Bamba has a throwback card.

What 2k are we on now? 2k27?


I just want to make a grown man cry


They call me many titles, but my favorite is ANKLE BULLY

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Some words of encouragement: Keep climbing the mountain

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Send them straight to voicemail.

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Weird. I could’ve sworn it was coach calling…

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Probably because Mo went to Texas as well

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A ROOKIE having a TB elite is just weird. Shoulda slapped another tag on that card. Its a nice one tho, id use it on a budget team.

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When has 2k EVER made sense…? Exactly :rofl::man_facepalming:


It’d be disrespectful to Mo Bamba if there was a song about him in the game, and his best card a gold lol. I don’t mind it. At this point who questions 2Ks morals?

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Still better than the Mo Bamba song.

Hell nah grown man cry is the worst song made in history

woah oh oh. Woah oh oh.




Whoever wrote that song got daddy issues

This card is fucking sick, for a Ruby Center.

If you sort by Total Attribute Points, it’s the top-ranked Ruby. Barely or not much more than Rubies DMC, Vlade, and Jokic. But…

  • All three of those guys are especially good passers for (Ruby) Centers. And Bamba is a terrible passer and terrible in BC/SWB. So he’s like if you take a well-rounded center like Ruby DMC or Ruby Vlade, make him shitting at BC, passing, SWB…and dump 130 attribute points elsewhere.
  • And this Ruby Bamba has 50 Intangibles.

For what he is, he’s basically a really nice Amethyst Mo Bamba.


No that song from 2k17 blood in the cut was the worst

Throwback to his last game, easy :joy:

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Hahaha i dont even remember what was on last yrs lmaooo, i just know whats currently on this one hahaha

Does he really come with 5 golds and 1 bronze?