Why does Marbury feel so slow?

I picked up Amethyst Marbury as my second reward. He comes equipped with 94 speed with ball and 94 acceleration. To boost it even further I put a shoe on him that gives him 99 SWB.

Despite all that he feels like 85 at best. He can’t even run a proper fast break, because even bigs catch up with him… What is this shit? What am I missing? Do I live in a fucking Matrix? Bens Simmons is faster than him! Does any anyone have similar impressions about this loser?

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Hahaha nah he seems fine to me i run him backup pg and i gave him 99 speed not swb

Eq man. I’ve seen that Mo Pete beat Sapphire Kobe back to the other end in TTO

I thought about it, but every game?

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Rewards cards tend to be extra suspect imo. My Amy Eaton bats aways the most rebounds on my team by a long shot

I agree with you, on-top of that I found the card to be rather underwhelming. I’d recommend Geoff best amy reward card and if you’re looking for someone fast that’s fun to use try Terell Brandon. He’s a defensive liability, but it’s early on in the season most people playing online aren’t good so he pops off for me.

Diamond Baron is OP.


Yeah every time i vs him man always snaps

Thanks man, glad to hear I’m not alone in this. So Brandon actually feels like 94 SWB?

I tasted that, but he’s about a billion tokens away.

Better than harden?

Yes, and he’s also lights out with limitless range and other shooting badges. I also put posterizer on him which goes well with his 90 dunk tendency.


Yeah i said it wjen i got him too. Doesnt feel like the 94 speed, john wall felt faster

Also in the very underwhelmed by Marbury camp. Petrie plays 20x better for me. Marbury feels so sluggish to me.

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Damn it. Only Amy I locked in

Same here. Starbury looks slow, I don’t know why.

kinda related. After i packed Bing he felt so fast. His dribble animations and everything. All the sudden on sunday evening he dribbled kinda slowly. I thought i was tripping. or maybe user error on my end. im gonna keep watching it though to see if its maybe me.

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I’m with you here. I played bing couple days ago and he was legit Barry Allen… last few days hes been a lot slower.

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