Why does Gilmore get no love

I’ve been using this guy for a little under a week and he’s played very well. I have a silver shoe in him that boost rebounding to a 99 off and def and he’s been a machine. his mid range is nice does a could job protecting the rim. is it because he can’t shoot 3’s? or something else? I snagged him for 18k and have been pleasantly surprised.

He’s actually really good with the duo too, it’s gervin that lacks his shots which is why I gave up on the duo

He’s on budget squads, God squads need 3pt shooters across the board

I thought about getting Gervin. but he’s come of the bench due to Jordan. Aaaaaand, I may have blown like 150k mt on packs this weekend. lol

I did the same last night with about 60k MT. Stupid move lol. He’s great but he’s missing shots without badges

it’s only stupid when you don’t hit. if you do you’re a genius!! haha

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cuz casuals have no idea who he is

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yeah dudes been really solid for me.

Tried him out because I prefer huge defensive bigs, but he’s just too slow for me. Anybody used Gasol (specifically with the Kobe duo)? I’m thinking putting a bounty on Gasol with a speed shoe.

Nobody uses him because he’s cheap. If he was rare and 150k for some reason people would say he’s a beast. It’s ridiculous but it’s true. If there was a card that came out tomorrow that had 99 in every stat and cost 5k he would be taboo to use in 2 weeks lol.

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I use Marc Gasol with the silver Air Penny’s that boost speed +9 and I love him. I really do. Wets threes so consistently and is a force defensively down low.

I meant Pau, but I used Marc in years past and he’s always a beast.

He won’t get any playing time over Hakeem or admiral

I have that Pau (+9 Speed, Acceleration and LQ) and he’s great. He’s fast on the break and isn’t as bad as you’d think on defense, although he’s mainly a rim-protector.

I like him so far, makes open shots, his post moves are solid and dunks as much as he can (not like Shaq or DRob) so he works well. The boost to Kobe isn’t that good to me as the shoe I have on him already boosted those spots, but it’s still very nice (and cheap) if you need a stretch big.

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Because i have pd Drob, much better than him and free :yum:

If a card came out in 2 weeks with 99 in every category but 25s in 3-point shooting he might be 5K in 2 weeks.


yeah I don’t get it. it’s nice to have a center who can shoot 3s but man defense and rebounding in this game is underrated

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Pretty much Ben Simmons

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I’ll say one thing the height factor is huge.

Except Ben’s amy is ridiculous. I hope his ROTY goes dirt cheap, I can’t wait to pick it up.

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