Why do you play MyTeam?

This is an honest and genuine question, not meant to offend but to gain some understanding. I see a lot of people complain about this mode, how 2k ain’t Shit, etc etc. i really want to know, why do you continue to play it? I ask this question because i have a friend who i run games with every night and he says he literally hates the mode, complains every game while we’re playing, has broken at least 3 remotes…but every drop he’s ripping packs and hyped to get the next new card. I asked him why do you complain about the mode so much but continue to spend your time and/or money on it? He paused for a minute and said “bro honestly i think I’m addicted”.
Made me think for a minute myself. I play the mode because i personally love it, but i can definitely see where he’s coming from. Ripping packs is highly addictive, chasing that next great fleeting unicorn until they do it all over again next week. That’s pretty much a gambling addiction in a nutshell.

For those who find themselves constantly complaining about the game and the company, why do you continue to play? Do you love it? Or are you addicted and can’t seem to kick the habit?


Collected trading cards as a kid, played 2K from the start, seemed like a natural evolution of the hobby. There have been times I was really addicted to it over the years, but running a theme team has really helped with that “gotta have the best guys all the time” mindset. I also was so pissed at the end of 2K19 that I skipped 2K20, so I know they don’t have a complete hold over me :rofl:


cos i love assembling team that fits my playstyle and favourite players irl. i may have whinge about the game before but not to the point of hating it.


i think ppl who constantly complains but still play it anyway are true lovers of the game :rofl:


My team is like an addiction , thankfully I leave it after one year … I still can play here and there but really don’t care about new cards , and all those distraction around the mode that makes you spend more time doing nothing than play the game .
My team has potential , but will never be a good game mode due the packs , unbalanced cards , unlimited , bad rewarding etc

I feel you and @star5CR34M on that. I love playing with my all time favorite players (and some guys i totally forgot about). I played PNO for years, but once i found MyTeam i found it to be much more competitive and fast paced. And collecting cards as a kid was a longtime hobby of mines too…so this is kinda nostalgic in a sense.

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I know how you feel Pedro lol. This is more of a question for those who play it on a regular basis.

I was an hardcore player and I leave it , so I’m into the topic lol

I love to create a team and have my favourite players play for me
I love the mode even though I’m complaing sometimes
And because I love having legends in my team like kobe,t-mac and more

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But my question was “why do you PLAY MyTeam?” Not why did you leave it lol!

Other than the fact that I love basketball

  • The constant new content. Other modes don’t have this. They get boring after a while for me
  • building a team of players I like, even some theme teams. I have my best team, my budget team and I make an all-time Pels.
  • the card collecting aspect is a nostalgic feeling. I would open cards as a kid in the late 90s early 00s.
  • the competitiveness of online play though sometimes it’s aids and the people can be toxic

Been playing basketball irl since I was little, same with basketball games. Just a hobby at this point. Anything can turn into an addiction just gotta be smart. but hobbies are a necessity for your sanity imo. Being able to put magic , Larry , kobe etc on my team and play online vs other players is hella fun.
I’m a big soccer fan too and I haven’t played fifa in a decade. I just find bball more fun to play both irl and 2k.

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Coz when I was 2 years younger I was like “yay I can get all my favorite players on the same team!” Now I am trapped.



So I can build a better squad than my brother. Sibling rivalry lol

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I respect that lol

It’s addicting and like you HAVE to get better for some people.

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I like basketball, it’s fun and rewarding. Stresful though, but still enjoyable

Plus I can make a few bucks from time to time. I started playing 2k20 in march with the lockdown and ended up making the squad I wanted and with enough money to buy a Series X :sweat_smile:


For me I find it fun and there are some :rage: moments but it is fun for me at least. It can be a bunch of :rage: moments tho

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I think its solidly in addiction territory for many of us. The entire experience is designed like a casino, complete with flashy sounds for everything you do. The worst part is that, unlike gambling money, where the reward is tangible and you could walk away with enough willpower, they’ve attached dopamine to valueless pixels. You’ll get the same rush opening Kobe as hitting a blackjack, but only one of those is even possible to (legally) use as currency elsewhere. There is a reason that many countries are legislating against these exploitative tactics because they recognize its damaging power on people.

I don’t like the game that much. Online is maddening because even if you open Kobe you best not play against an all ruby squad or he’s as useless as a gold card because of equalizer. Still… I fire it up every day. It’s part of my routine. I stress if I can’t check auctions. It’s an addiction for me.