Why do we do this?

Hello all,

I am here to somewhat vent but also to tell you my recent thoughts and feelings toward 2k. Why do we give so much time and money to. A game where our team just resets every year when the next ones comes out?

Why do we grind for those early PDs and opals knowing they’re just outdated as soon as we get them?

I want to enjoy my stacked team for longer than 2 months before I start all over again.

That’s why going forward I will be waiting for 2k to come to game pass before I even start playing the new one. I’m not wasting time effort and money on early cards that will be useless within a week or two of coming out.

To me it just makes so much more sense to wait until after Christmas to start grinding when it’s free to play.

Let me know your thoughts and feelings toward this and just ultimate teams over all in games


Lmfao facts. This is the last year I’m playing. Ima just keep a good ass team in 21 on Next Gen. Judging on the last 4 years, there’s a 90% chance 2K22 is gonna be shit, so why even bother. :man_shrugging:


Spending money on the game early on to stay up to date with your team is not the smartest move. Spending money early on to pile up MT is alright tho imo. Overall, if you don’t care about earning the online rewards in the beginning and just want to grind offline and stack some MT, you don’t have to spend at all. Just use budget beasts until you feel you’re ready to take on online games and then make a competitive team. You can do this NMS but definitely have to learn to work the AH and spend time there if you do.

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To be fair, the start of the game before every card is overpowered and there is basketball strategy involved is my favourite part in the cycle.

Where you can get one card that makes a huge difference in your game at ruby level is great fun. Not expecting to hit every shot removes the frustration.

The start of the cycle for a few months is definitely the best time


agree with you op. unless you enjoy the grind from day 1 and climbing slowly towards better cards, there is absolutely no reason for you to start it all over again. that’s why i didn’t grind for any of the dominations or john wall spotlight sims

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It’s ok till February but after that…^

I disagree. The game is so much fun at the beginning of the cycle. And it gets more fun up until the cards become too OP. I love trying to finish dom first, get early rewards while they are still game-changing, run realistic offense before YouTubers start telling everybody what the meta is and doing tutorials on how to be a cheeseball. Of course I love some of the OP cards but the card I had the most fun with was probably Diamond Hakeem. He felt as dominant as he should and I love post game. Posting up basically dies after we get stretch bigs. I’ve actually been ready to restart since 2 seasons ago. Looking forward to a new year of 2K.


The 2k community has changed you can no longer go into a 5v5 game with out

every setting adjusted in 30 seconds or less

without getting 5 outed and yes I do it it’s just the best offence to run every other clogs up or just doesn’t even work

offballing well that should be expected literally happened since the beginning of online basketball games

Just can’t hop into a 5v5 game for fun or a simple mode where yur not trying your hardest like it’s a global championship game …

The whole power creep slowly being forced upon us very fastly gets very tiring

I really like the first few months when you have to actually build a team based on what the players are good at or not and what you could sacrifice I don’t mind having a full 99 invincible card team In June/July but I just can’t stand the lack of diversity between cards this year and last I could build a team blindfolded and the cards would all be the same ,same base same dribble sigs same dunks just so boring

I really miss the days of the best cards having weaknesses but that will never come back because once 2k has opened the door for all 99 cards to come why would they shut that door ?

And i used to spend a lot of money on older 2ks but since 2k19 I haven’t spend more than $200 on packs for the whole year which is great :joy:

And the last 2 2ks have been so badge dependant it really makes the cards obsolete super quickly 2k needs to bring back that the stats mean more than a badge like in any 2k before 20 when you could have any ball control over 86 to dribble fast but you can literally have a 99 ball control and no qfs and be as slow as a elephant with no legs so dumb


2k should really just go full games as a service. They could let you keep your “great” cards for a couple basic modes then have their season pass thing where you have to use certain cards to do the objectives or limited Time modes.

Feel free to use that 2k. Your welcome.


This was my first year playing and started a few weeks into season 1 having no idea what I was doing.

I have enjoyed the experience but I do find it weird to do all this work to get good cards and then just give them up and start again.

I decided quite a while back I’m not getting 2k22. It’s more because of an ethical disagreement with the gambling aspects of the game, but also because I’m looking forward to spending the next year or so casually playing and using the cards I’ve acquired

what this game needs is a limited like mode that can reduce the cheese to minimum.
something like playing with budget cards with maximum of silver badges on all cards.
something that will make you use your brain better and not just speed boost and five out all game long with overpowered cards with 1000 hof badges that make it impossible to stop and zero fun to face over and over again


That and the absolute joke of gameplay doesn’t help aswell


Someone actually made a point that 2k should go free to play because they would make much more money on micro transactions

The only money anyone should give 2k is the price you pay for the game.


Bingo. This is usually when I start. Till then I dive into MyPlayer but that becomes so boring so end up playing other games. Only reason to purchase game early is for locker codes and stacking MT on 1-2 accounts.

I refuse to pay 250K for a diamond Lebron and 500k for PD AD in Sept/Oct which will be obsolete soon enough. You’re not missing out much playing the game early

i differ. For me week 1 and the early days are the most enjoyable because every friday it was exciting what content we would see and every card had pro’s and con’s and there would be variety.
Now its just like who is going to be the next 7 foot, 99 everything, point guard going to be.Tf, thats not exciting.


your team can be stacked all year round if you know when to sell cards or how to invest your spare MT. Early game is a lot more fun than late game, last 4 months is basically just lateral “upgrades” based on preference.

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Yep just a different skin tone and body accessories lmao the game has been the same since late may nothing has been different except player models

This. I would like to see 2k (and other game makers, 2k are hardly alone here) banned from letting people use money to buy packs (or other kinds of loot boxes in other games). I know that some countries are already introducing legislation on this.

I would be willing to pay more for the game knowing that everything was designed to get you to buy VC for packs.

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I’ve thought about it too. Would be great if they had an unlimited mode where everything is basically how it is right now (use whatever cards you want) and then sort of a true fantasy mode where you would have to use realistic cards with their strengths and weaknesses. Idk how they should form it but smth along those lines would give use a choice of either playing an arcade or sim mode. And please don’t suggest to just hop in play now online. I want a team builder but with play now online in-game gameplay.