Why do people run Pippen at PG?

Literally no threat of a pull up with his slow ass jumper.


Mostly like for defensive purpose only obviously, everyone put they best player at Pg

I do that since k17. Can guard anyone, great animations and release i love.

Defense and can distribute the ball. If magic had a 75 3 ball i would still run him at point

Defense and posting up

I use him to stop hedo at point sometimes

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because he was a point forward in real life

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90% of players online will be scoring with their PG or C. Pippen wipes out the PG, plus as others have mentioned his ridiculous steals.

Steal and shooting puts him in front of Magic for me.

Yeah pippen gonna be my PG with that LOCKDOWN :man_shrugging:

Because not everyone uses their point guard as a scorer.
If this Pippen had at least 85+ passing stats and hof dimer, he’d be a perfect pg for me.
People that pull up with their pgs are the easiest to defend.

If you like to run plays, feed posts, he can be good enough at PG and he clamps.

Right, but playing on ball D as long as you have the steal rating you are good.

Seems like you would open the floor up more for yourself and others if you don’t have such a slow jumper.

When I used before i liked him spotting up in the corner with his slow ass release.

Doesn’t matter. Us dribble head elite park players know Hedo > any card in the game. Scottie pippen helps counter that

That has to be the most pretentious post ever.
“us elite park players”

Since most of you are one-trick ponies anyway, that can’t even be seen as a compliment.

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Pipp was a point forward - before LBJ -in Bulls team and basically a pure Point Guard in 00’ Blazers team.
He also guard a opposite PG at the same (large minutes) time …

In 2k he silenced your rival most (in most cases) player and creates high/strenght advantage without sacrifaicng playmaking abilitis.

You don’t need to do pull up 3s with every single player…

No I completely agree, I just don’t understand the hype. Im talking about in 2K not real life. Even if you are not pulling up the threat of it helps you get to the basket and break down the defense.