Why do people play like idiots?

This round made me realise that hardly anyone plays legit, straight up basketball. It’s either 5 out, running multiple players out of positions, double teaming, offballing, full court press… Usually multiple exploits combined. I’m not complaining as long as I can win 60-70% of games, but I simply don’t get it. Why do you choose to play a competitive basketball game if what you run has very little to do with basketball? Can’t they go and play Fortnite or whatever the latest fad is?

Do you guys have any idea what they get out of it? Is it about the thrill of winning? Is it about getting the reward cards? Help me understand!

I have already asked the same question. It is pathetic, boring, and a waste of time to endure. I actually keep my laptop logged into my PSN account and immediately send them a message via the instant messaging interface. They’re probably like “how the fuck is he sending me messages while we play?!” Anyways, I immediately ask what is wrong with them, if they’ve ever played basketball, and point out their lack of testicular fortitude.


I think most of people who play the game don’t know a lot of things of basketball. They may watch some game but that’s it.
Like on fifa, most of the players watch soccer from times to times but are not expert at it.

This mode is definitely for the casuals

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Bunch of sm players are under 12 y/old

I’ts not about playing but winning. Nobody likes to invest time and/or money and than lose against people who don’t have good players but are running a more efficient system abusing the game engine.

What’s wrong with position less basketball and full court press?

Supermax is the worst thing that has ever been in 2k. My opponent took 53 shots. 35 were 3s. What has happened to this game

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I’ mean… it’s a simulation game, not real basketball. You think real soldiers are running like headless chicken through the battlefield? No, but yet when you play CoD or similar games you have to play like this. In the end of the day it’s only a game and everybody should play how he likes.

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exploiting game mechanics by playing multiple players out of position (combinations that wouldnt work in RL) has nothing to do with positionless basketball

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It’s fairly simple as to why really. Taking the path of least resistance to try and take a W. That’s really all that it comes down to, and honestly it’s nothing new. It happens on any multiplayer game.


If a team in real life had 3 6’9 perimeter players good enough to start alongside your big men (including 1 of the three with the skill and athleticism of point guard), you don’t think the coach would play all three at once?

This is what happens in myteam. It works because 2k juices cards. In what world does Hakeem or Kareem deserve 70+ speed and acc, let alone the 85+ they have now?

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My Hakeem has 98 open 3 :crazy_face::rofl:

But what is so special about the W if it’s achieved this way? It would be meaningless to me… It’s like playing a fighting game and doing the jumping kick and sweep for the entire fight every fight. You might be successful with this strategy, but it’s boring and disgraceful.

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I was thinking of a more extreme case like running Jordan at C so that he is guarded by the opposing C and the guy can run the 5 out and abuse the blow-by. Too bad I have KAJ and I simply smack them.

Everybody should play how they like, but why do certain people play that way and others don’t?

Fortnite actually takes more skill and is all around more fun than myteam.

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Played someone the other day who took close to 50 3s, 22 of them by Ray Allen alone (only hit 5). I won but I just don’t get how you arrive at that strategy…

It’s still a W. In The end people will value Wins over everything else.

I hate to play the pick n roll spammers. Went up against a guy who exclusively used Worthy and spammed pnr. So exhausting. He was not the best so it wasn’t too crazy but sometimes these guys just drain all my energy. Espescially if they are really good at it. Dumb as hell but people win with this crap.
Btw, Worthy can put people on some serious posters.