Why do people feel the need to send hate mail?

I just find it funny. I played a guy and hit a 3 with Durant and then got fouled so I was up 5-0.

He quit after I made the two FT’s. I messaged him and said Good game, like I always do to show respect to my opponent. He responds by calling me names for using Durant. (Like what?..)

He then says people that use Durant are basically “low-class” to put it nicely. I simply search his GT on Google and up pops his Twitter account with his name. I address him politely with his name in the next message and guess what? His entire demeanor changed so fast :slight_smile:

Pretty funny actually. I just never understood the desire to be mean behind a screen. Just thought I’d share lol


Some people enjoy competitive trash talking while some get salty after losing. Lol

I understand trash talk, but after you’ve already quit and calling people names… I don’t necessarily think that’s competitive trash talking lol

Half the fun of the game for me is the trash talk afterwards

I usually just say gg if they didnt play like a prick hahah


Yes need to consider not everyone is interested in what you got to say.


It seems like he felt you are joking on him, how its a good game if it was 5-0 lead and quit?

U r a :snake:

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This is the whitest thing ever to do… the mayo is super thick throughout the entire post.

Why even send a GG message to a guy who quit at 5-0?? It’s kind of a douche move honestly.

“To show respect to my opponent”… I’m a white dude and I had to use my Kat Williams white guy voice when I read that line.

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If you wanted to know the rest of the message, I asked him why he left.

Typical. If you have nothing to say about the topic, then back off.

I didn’t include the rest of the message cause I was playing my 12th game lol. I also asked him why he left the match.

Joined the forums 4 hours ago to have one post to criticize someone? You’re funny bud. No clue why you have to bring in race, but if anything is the “whitest thing ever to do”, you may as well be miracle whip. Now leave my thread, please.

I dont see anything wrong with it. I say gg to everybody, wether I lose. Win by 5 points 2 minutes into the game or win by 30. To me it’s like a handshake

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I personally think quits are not rage based but more of a “You’re the better player, let’s not waste either person’s time” sort of thing, but maybe that’s just me lol

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I agree with you lol

You don’t think there’s something somewhat douchy about sending a “GG” message at someone who rage quit?

Not excusing the sour response at all but c’mon…

I send it to everyone, so it’s second-nature to me. I guess you might see it differently, but it wasn’t intentionally meant to be rude.

About 70% of the time, people either send GG or ask for help, which is why I tend to leave messages because people want to learn how to play actual ball this year instead of cheese.

Dude, let it ride man… you googled someone’s gamer tag and then replied back to them with their full government name, all based off video game trash talk.

That is officially the whitest thing ever… then you’re going all bananas on me because I politely called you out and made a little mayonnaise joke.

It’s okay… and I apologize if you took it too personal. It’s alll good, I promise.