Why do I keep getting free packs

I randomly keep getting free league packs and my tokens disappear anyone else?

I was getting 4 packs, a token and what seemed like about 2k MT (although I never confirmed that last one) each time I logged in after being in my career yesterday… It was awesome. Free KD and Harden.

:thinking::thinking::thinking: details? For research purposes, not to exploit it at all lol


We need someone to check if this still works !

How many times did it work for you ?!

I get free packs everytime I play Mycareer then go into MyTeam

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How many ? The hell

Do u have to play a game in my career. Or just load it up ?

Worked for me at least 4 times… A mate was getting 10 packs each time… No idea what triggers it or if it’s still going on. Last time I went into MyTeam it didn’t happen but that was yesterday. Not sure if you need to play a game or purchase something or something else, it was like duplicate packs of the ones I got for upgrading my my player to 85 but the contents of the packs weren’t dupes unfortunately as the first one I got was KD

Man i really wanna figure this out. I dont really play my career. But i will if u get my team packs lol

2 packs. And it would be after every game

I didnt do prelude. So do i have to finish that first ???

I would assume so

Is it still working for you ?

I don’t get shit when I play my career. I’m like so lost. The myteam building is literally meaningless

Played 3 games with my team and nothing. There was also an update shortly after this thread was created :eyes:

It would happen when mycareer crashed. I would load the game back up and have free packs got around 10 total and pulled Anthony Davis from one of them

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Whens the last time that happened? Before or after the patch

That might be right! It was crashing frequently around the time I was getting them. Anyone know how to crash a game on purpose? Haha

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Before, I’m guessing it was patched in that update