Why do I get a loss every time my opponent quits in TTO?

Self explanatory question. I’ve been playing very Sporadically So to jump on and have this bullshit occur is typical and just makes me not want to play, and it’s not like I don’t have an absolute unit, 64 HOf Taco, so on … I should want to play is my point. It’s impossible though and I don’t get it…1.5 months from 23 I hope they go back to game play and make this game fun.

The game mode is dying cuz the game SUCKS and has for years. I havnt had legit fun beating ppl on the court since 18/19… mini rant time.

It’s astonishing to me, over the last 3 years possibly 4 the game play has year over year Regressing which is the opposite of what should be happening.

It’s at a point where the game is boring as a MFer. I’m not talking about cards or modes either, that’s been the best part this year.

The first problem is 1. Dribbling and general offense - When you had things like the quick stop (LT), side to side curry escape and even the tween, The upside was you had the ability to play offense If you could masters skill. Do you have the ability to create at any time and if you were good enough with the better card that’s why it more often than not win the game. Defenseless by factor but if you are good at it it was definitely something that could be deciding.

On the flip side you have the BS that is Movement where the only way to play offense is dependent on the angle at which you move after some
Type of step back . You then might get a ”burst” but probably not since you legit need to go 45* backwards so you run in a massive half circle to get any speed at all aka.your burst.

How the hell are settings still an issue and are more important than ever considering your office needs spacing and doesn’t get it without going into the settings and putting a specific Freelancer that never saves. There is nothing more influential in why I don’t play in all honesty. To spend a minute and a half on Settings every game to play for max 5 min in clutch is crazy!!

Rant over but please let me know why and how to fix the problem mentioned in the subject :slight_smile:

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