Why Do I Bother Poking The Ball Away?

9/10 times my defender is just left out of position and the guy I poked it from recovers it and has a wide open teammate.



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Lol facts. Same thing I think with the spin move… What’s the point of even having it in the game if every time I use it, the opponent (user OR CPU) strips the ball from me

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Preach, either they recover and my defenders are out of position, or some dumb shit like my defender dives out of bounds and catches the ball at the last second to reset the shot clock from 3 to 24.


This might just be anecdotal, but it SEEMS like certain defenders are better at poking it straight backwards where they can run past the offensive player (who’s still turned around) and snatch it

Kawhi does this frequently. Also MJ and Lonzo.

It also helps to try and strip dribbles in middle of the court or top of the key—less likely to bounce right to someone for an open three

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Drop Step > Spin Move :smile:

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Space Jam after you poke. Ball goes into a NASA no gravity enviroment. They changed it after some people got Pd Stockton and literally killed stealing in the mode. He was a god before that modification. A small trick, mostly ball tends to go to side where the court line is. High % it wants to leave the floor so you can’t grab it. Ball has free will :joy:

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A little bit off topic but why can my opponents drive and dribble moves straight into my defenders with no consequence, but if I try this shit with Kyrie against Yao I lose the ball instantly?

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Haha yeah but I like to use the spin on fast breaks too… It’s actually pretty effective there. Bro I spin moved with Shaq the other day in an MTU game… Laaaaawdddd!!! I did a behind the back and drove the lane. His Dirk collapsed to contest me, and I spin-into-dunked his ass, crazy one handed And 1 that knocked him to the ground… It was so beautiful

Happens with blocks way too often too. Getting rejection after rejection down low but can’t get the rebound. Eventually it finds its way to an opponent wide open for 3… It really feels like blocking someone down low results in THEM getting 3 points over half the time.


My favorite is when you poke the ball or block it and it pop right in the opponent hand . Or roll right to the opponent. Don’t let you get the ball and the camera rotate and you find out they got the ball back. Like how that happen then they score every time. Especially when they shoot a three wide open from you poking or blocking the ball. It’s like your team don’t know how to react .

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i hate it when you hold L2 while dribbling to secore/defend the ball and they just strip it like taking a candy from a baby like wtf