Why did prices inflate?

Larry bird was going for 30k two days ago and now he’s 65k. What is happening

Weekend and duo packs gone, so no new ones flooding the market

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Sold KD at 417k…duo packs hit…got KD for 65k…packs went away…sold KD for 130k…now I want him back again. Its a crazy economy.


Honestly think part of the reason is you can’t purchase anniversary packs with Mt. Paul George went from bin to bid and he’s been in duos and anniversary. Probably more Mt circulating because people didn’t waste it on packs.

I mean I called it a week ago and I have the receipt…


Also people locking sets and taking away cards from the market… I locked Ultimate, it was so cheap. I suppose a lot did.

Do we expect the prices to go back down? I’ve been away since Thursday and damn do these cards go for so much more.

Some think a promo is coming to end it all. Ronnie said July 28 was last day of content. That’s a Sunday. Ronnie’s always wrong.

There is a chance we could get everything thats left Friday.

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Shit. I if I should roll the dice and sell some of my opals then… I picked up so many during the crash, I don’t know what to do with all of them. But if the prices don’t crash again, I’d be out of cards lol


Ya I have a ton of Mt to sell and don’t know what to do either. Might wait and see what happens tomorrow then look and decide.

I’ve thought about selling some stuff that I got really good deals on, during last crash.

But probably no more than 2 or 3 GO’s that I know I don’t really care for.

I have a very short shopping list of cards I’d like to get, and have 280K MT, and I think can really easily raise 150-200K+ by just selling old shitty cards, even if for really cheap.

  • GO Draymond (High) [~52K] 47K 49K
  • GO Jamal Crawford (Low) [~30K] 45K
  • GO Dikembe (Medium) [~40K] 60K
  • GO D-Rob (Med-High) [~135K?]
  • GO Ginobili (Low) [~36K] 50K
  • GO KG (Medium) 69K / 85K
  • PD Iguodala (High) 6K / 15K

As far as more valuable cards I’d sell…I think:

  • GO AD w/Contract and Shoes and Badges: I use him to grind TTOff now, but Contract costs are totally NBD. And I while he’s a crazy locomotive on the break and I can shoot well with his jumper animation, I don’t like his post animations at all. And, for me and my skills, he’s not saucy enough to want to play over a C as PF. And if playing a PF at PF, then I think I might rather play Webber, Draymond, and maybe either PD Googs or PD J-Smoove. Or whatever is prime AK47.
  • Some GO Center: Probably either Kareem or Moses. Have Yao/Hakeem and Sabonis and like all three a lot. And my shopping list has D-Rob and Mutombo on it. And I think I might redeem for PD Eaton. So, as usual, I have too many Centers, even if not counting now-worthless DI’s and PD’s. Probably I sell Moses since Kareem has the duo with Oscar, even though I don’t think Oscar is someone I really want to play, anyway.
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If I didn’t have all these themed teams I’d sell

What day would yall say is last day to sell off your team before your everything gets deflated and mt costs 3/100k? I wanna see expensive opals go for like 5k mt.

idk but they may put duo packs on the market indefinitely like they did last year, so before then.

we may see something like that or similar Friday

have u ever stuck around months on the previous year myteam until you bought the latest 2k Christmas or later?

No the only 2Ks I’ve played MyTeam on are 18 and 19 and I usually by then when they come out.