Why Can't This Company Get Online Right?

This is essentially two different games. Offline gameplay doesn’t transfer to online at all because of how ass their game is online.

Halo MCC launched on PC and had 300k new/active users and hasn’t hiccuped once for me, but 2K can’t get online to work after how many years?

My internet is hardwired 1Gbps direct from my router and this is the only game that lags like this for me.


They’re cheap and rent servers from Amazon as opposed to owning their own dedicated servers.


They don’t care because yall give them money anyway


It’s because 2K’s servers are about as powerful as the one this website uses. I’m not even kidding.


well kinda true. Amazon has the best cloud servers in the business. Everyone is renting servers from either amazon or microsoft. When people say dedicated servers they don’t mean the company itself has a server it means the server they rented is dedicated to only multiplayer and not a mix. 2k servers currently are a cluster that handles everything so when one server is full they put new users in a new server. When you lag it’s most likely your server is full and everyone is doing mostly server intensive stuff. Nowadays you will find it hard pressed to find any company not renting servers to do these things.


This x1000. They gonna get thousands of ants ripping packs like madmen as soon as an OP card comes out anyways, just to get torched by the algo or by lag/delay. Why invest when they dont have to? lol.

this year it seems especially terrible online, although my experience is limited.

in 2k19 even when AH and MyTeam menus were at their slowest, online gameplay modes were the same as they had been all year (not great but as bad as now)

Then perhaps the problem is that they don’t rent enough? Because the servers for 2K are notoriously awful. I’m lucky because I live relatively close to Virginia where the US east coast servers are but I can’t imagine how bad it is for people hundreds or thousands of miles from the nearest server in a comp mode.

Funny - I was playing some 2K19 MTU earlier today, and after playing MUT this year it really strikes me how terribly laggy 2K is. It’s an embarassment.

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2K needs to use PiperNet servers :man_shrugging:t2:


Been considering going back to 19 just for the delagged servers

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Usually doesn’t take long to find a game, and most of the sweaties have moved on. I play a game or three every few weeks.