Why can't I choose an offense in MyTeam Unlimited?

Can anyone clarify why I can’t pick an offense in MyTeam unlimited? When I call a timeout and go to the timeout coach settings the options for freelance are all greyed out and say N/A so I can’t pick anything at all, it’s stuck on some default.

Why is that?

If u wanna change ur offence u have to take time out while your on offence

So I can’t change my offense if my opponent calls a timeout?

Only on your own timeout, not your opponents. Kind of silly of 2k

Nope. Has to be on offence

That’s really weird. Thanks for letting me know!

I just tried and it did not work. It was still greyed out and said N/A when I was the one who called a timeout.

you HAVE to be on offence. If your on defense and call the timeout it doesn’t work. So make sure u have the ball when u call the timeout

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In the NBA, it’s not possible to call a timeout on defense while ball is live…but you can call a TO during a stoppage.

So you could call a timeout while on D if opponent called a TO first, I think. And of course you could call a timeout after you had your offensive possession and scored a basket and opponent is about to inbound, but ref hasn’t given ball to their inbounder.

So OP may want to consider these scenarios.

All i know is the only way it works for me is if i have possession and call a time out. If ball went out of bounds and its opponents ball and i call a time out u cant change shit. imo i.hate it u should have full control of.ur offensive system

I think he’s just talking about changing the offensive settings. As in, it’s annoying that we can’t call offensive sets if we don’t have the ball during the timeout.

I’ll take that all day over not being able to save coaching settings from game to game, though.

Oh I agree. Just trying to clarify when/why one cannot make the changes.

It doesn’t make sense. IRL a coach can give offensive instructions for their team to implement as soon as they get the ball.

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