Why are people selling PD Harden?

This dude is a beast for me, I have him at 6th man and he absolutely saves me every game. Averages 22ppg and 5 apg. Why are people downgrading to the Diamond?

I sold him for Magic last week but thinking of getting him back.

I’m not sure they are downgrading as much as they just tired of him. Yes he’s a 99 OVR card but they’ve had him for months and maybe want to try something different. I can understand that. But I’ve been using the same base lineup for months - 99 Oscar, 98 Vince, 98 Tmac, 98 KD, 98 Hakeem, 97 Pippen have never left my lineup.

I sold Harden because I figured his price would start to drop after MJ and if he wins MVP he will probably get a better card… except I have no clue how they can make him better

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When he wins MVP they will just put the PD card back into packs most likely.

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For the sake of trying new cards man…we’ve got about 3 months left of this game maybe even less? I sold mine to try out different cards. I get tired of using the same cards but that’s just me.

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This. If selling its an instant gain of 300k MT. Allows folks to try some of the other cards. Some also want to get a PG/SG that has some better defensive stats, badges and a bit more height.

But generally agree with the OP, PD Harden is still a great card.

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I’ve had mine since HardenGate and he balls out like none other. I feel like selling him so I can try out some other high tier cards like melo or save up for durant. He’s a top 3 card that I have used this year. Only Tmac and Kareem have been smoother cards.

How about this then… someone should sell me one for PS4 so I can finish my all-time Rocket’s team. PM me if you love me and have one available collecting dust.