Why 2k don't add content like madden to keep the game fun!

2k got boring since I completed everything. At least they can add packs to the triple threat offline to go with the 6 tokens. And add moments more often. We get new cards to play online and this it because there nothing to do at this stage but weekly challenges.

I just want weekend content. I used to love waking up Saturday morning for new drops in Madden because I work all week


Yeah I’ve always wondered why they do nothing on the weekends. They’d make a killing.

2k have got lazy lately when it come to content. They added one diamond card friday on a day we should of got signature series. Friday should been a big drop that had us busy with packs, weekly and moment challenges. Some kind of easter promo . Whoever running the content must don’t like making money.

Agree 100%. I’d be on playing right now if there were anything for me to play other than MTU or either TT. I hate them. Weeklies are a snore-fest until they up that difficulty to superstar at least, and I’ve completed all doms. It’s still more fun to replay all time dom games than playing MTU these days. Wish there were another offline mode with at least superstar difficulty.

My guess is that it’s literally Robbie and the guy who does ratings in charge of myteam content. Not only is that a small team, but I bet alot of their ideas get rejected unless they can prove it will increase revenue/ engagement.

That what i been doing lately is replaying domination when i want to try out new players which is sad.

Weeklys are fun for that cause they’re less sweaty and gift 3kish MT, 6 tokens, and the difficulty is always toned down to feel casual.

I also like making a budget 5-man squad with the player I wanna test being the focal point. It’s fun AF tryna dump it with random cards without worrying about EQ, sharing the ball, or even winning lol

someone here said that 2k has onlye one employee for the myteam mode.
imagine people here talking like there were 30 workers sitting in 2k’s back office and drinking wine instead of coding new cards while there was actually only ONE dude who has to work his butt off :joy:

All they worry about is nba 2k league. They get lazy with myteam content when it come to challengs. Every since Rachel left it haven’t been the same.

Mlb the show has way more content. Wish 2k could learn from San Diego Studios

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There should be a single player mode where they just keep throwing Random made up teams at you on Whatever difficulty you choose

Isn’t that crazy? 2K is SUCH a bigger brand…

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They have got lazy with getting rich off of us that they don’t care about giving us content. They know we going to continue to open up packs and play their game no matter what.