Who's your PG?

Who do you guys run at PG and why (pros/cons)?

currently im running diamond RWB and diamond derozan off the bench.
RWB cuz he is RWB and has that HOF Dimer, derozan just simply cuz i love his style and ability to do everything(even fadeaway 3s far beyond the arc)

  • i will try d.rose next tho
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Diamond Magic with the grey and yellow Kobe’s for speed boost. He’s an amazing all-around PG. puts up over 10 & 10 per game, and is a much better 3 pt shooter than his stats would imply. In supermax he is knocking down 47% from beyond the mark for me now.

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How is Magic’s relese? Can you compare him to somebody else?

His release is a bit odd but it’s smooth and easy. Compare him to someone else in which way?

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I mean is his releas slow like Beal’s or more fast smooth like LeBorn/T-Mec’s?

Btw how is his driving to the basket?

It’s literally like the exact same speed as Kobe’s release. Just compared in freestyle. It just looks a little strange. His driving is OP. He doesn’t do flashy animations so he never gets blocked on that dumb ish. He finishes strong or draws the foul frequently. I rack up assists with him, get easy points inside, and whether he is hot or not I’ll take that spot up 3.

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I used to use amy chris paul. BUT i just finished heat check so upgraded to diamond chris paul. MAN this card is crazy. Can pull up 3s in transition with confidence. Limitless is NOTICEABLE. Playmaking is great. Defense is great. Looking forward to running more games next round. He is small however his defensive stats are good enough that he is NOT a liability. unless they are running lbj mcgrady and durant as 1 2 3. Then it gets a little hairy. But i have lbj for that exact reason. Ill let lebron play pg as starter and paul comes off the bench with lonzo sliding to sg and kobe to sf. (Usually lbj plays at 3 on my bench)


Magic and West.

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All star MVP bron (swb/spd/bcontrol) ever since game 7 vs the pacers

Pros: defense
Cons: non

PD lonzo, love him

Starter magic back up is pd lonzo. Every time I think about swapping ball out for someone else he ends up with a 15 assist game and changes my mind. Magic is a whole different animal. Imo like every year the best diamond card in the game .

Diamond Magic with the diamond Curry Low. 99 driving layup, 96 open three and 99 speed with ball. With that shoe, he is the best PG this side of PD Magic.

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You think the PD is not worth the price difference? How much would you pay for the diamond with a good shoe?

Pd Magic. Cons = I can’t take halfcourt fadeaway 3s. Pros = My opponent can’t either :joy:


I see that you have some badass cards buddy so a simply question:

Would you rather have PD magic at pg and diamond MJ at sg, or diamond Magic with a shoe and PD MJ on sg?

If u are asking for SM, diamond Westbrook or Magic + diamond Tmac. I find it quite difficult using Magic + Jordan together since both don’t have a reliable 3 and Jordan don’t have enough outside plays. Diamond or pd, tier does not change this fact.

I have T-Mac off the bench at pg destroying people when they’re using the weaker lineup :grin: actually i’m starting PD Jordan, limitless Bron, 97 Bird, Malone and hakeem

Jordan at Pg is not my style :innocent: