Who's the best backup PG in the NBA?

This guy writes a great article on Monte Morris. Very good read for those of you who may be unfamiliar with him. Goes in depth about his role in keeping Denver at the top through the injuries as basically a rookie, and his nba record setting pace for assist to turnover ratio. 231 assists vs 37 turnovers is straight up wild.

Now I’m not saying he’s right, but who do you guys think wins that title? Tough call and a very important role on a team.

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I think freddie van vleet is up there as top back up pg. He could easily run a starting unit too


Kris Dunn

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What’s funny is IT might qualify for that category too as he keeps getting back into rhythm. He already looks way more comfortable than I anticipated

What’s the most amount of posts in a row you’ve gone without sarcasm?

Terry Rozier



100% deserves consideration

Monte Morris is easily the best player casual fans don’t know and also the best backup PG


He actually plays horrible as a back up. He plays a lot better when Kyrie is out and he gets the start he’s the kind of player that needs some time to get warmed up during the game but he’s not great off the bench

I get glimpses of super young CP3 sometimes when I watch Monte play.

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Probably 69


Best player in the backup PG role? Or best player that is a backup PG? If it’s the latter it probably has to be rozier

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Idk let’s say both

Does Dejounte Murray start in San Antonio? If not, he should get some consideration he’s really nice

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I know the lakers are terrible but rondo could be a great backup PG almost anywhere if he’s committed lol

What’s great is that Monte and IT have been playing very well on the court at the same time. Glad we can fit IT in the rotation without cutting Monte’s minutes. Trey Lyles, Juancho Hernangomez, and Torrey Craig have been completely cut from the rotation recently to make room for IT and we’ve won 4 in a row going small at the 1-3

He may not be the best, but TJ McConnell is a perfect backup PG.


It probably comes down to Monte, Rozier, and FVV.

IT would probably be in there if he had more than 3 games played this season