Whos price fixing HARD

Literally all of them are at 68k for the next hour. Lol

Edit: and Westbrook too. This gotta be 2k or some guys with too much time on their hand.


2k i think


The Asian MT cartels


true never thought of that lol

Buy our overpriced cards, so that we can sell you “cheap” MT. :money_mouth_face:
Then you can afford more overpriced cards. :joy::rofl:

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There’s a group price fixing cards.

Ive seen people say they paid 35k for him. 68 k is a gross overpay. I’m not overpaying just because coin farmers want to hike prices.


Asia is mostly pc gamers

I’ve seen lots of price fixing lately, more so than usual. Nets playbook is another

Maybe so, but Chinese have made MT prices low from the get go so them doing something as price fixing half the AH would not be out of realm of possibility.

This is PS4 right? We haven’t had this issue at all on Xbox.

I haven’t noticed this issue on Xbox either and to my knowledge it hasn’t hit the Switch. That makes me think this is more likely a smaller group of MT millionaires that just so happen to play Playstation rather than some large Chinese company as they would target every market they could rather than just one.

This is just a theory tho and it doesn’t at all rule out a foreign company doing it, it would just mean that if a company is doing it they aren’t thinking very hard about it.

Seen the same on ps4 at 7AM

There was an insane amount at 68k bin

I don’t understand how this can be viable though, no one is going to pay 56000 for a diamond Russell Westbrook…even if it is for a 100 token reward… plus, I’m not sure what the go was with these packs because they didn’t look exciting enough to rip, yet there are soooo many up. Surely if they try to price fix with such a high quantity card they will just get undercut and barely sell any of them.

From what Ive seen the past month is that when cards pop up cheaper they’re bought right away and reposted for the price fixed price.

This is with several cards.

That’s good news, if we can get bid snipes 4hrs after release we should make profit and not have to worry about rapid depreciation. Although, this could make sets like spotlight with good rewards hella expensive.

Its still going on. :skull_and_crossbones: Everything ruby above in the motw10 set is getting the treatment. Lol

I really thought it was 2k “setting the deck” on us. I mean they r literally robbing us blind w most shit behind a paywall. But lets b honest 2k greedy asf. Theyd b doing across all platforms. So there must b something else going on. Sure is strange tho?

Those are inidividuals using different accounts to fix the prices. It’s just too much in a small time range.

If 2k would price fix players it’s more like 600/800 like the silver players a month ago or 300/600 for the golden away kits 2 months ago in a specific intervall (every few minutes till the market is pretty much cleaned). You can spot the difference.

there is about 200 shais up for 58k bin, they all have 2 contacts, shit is weird

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It’s 1000% Asian MT websites. They know some VC glitch that no one else does. Rip a fuck ton of packs. And then corner the market bc they have hundreds of the good players that people want/need. Launder the dirty VC into clean MT and sell it before the account gets banned