Who's preordering 2k24

I’m thinking about but haven’t made up my mind yet!

I am trying to convince my son to skip. Part is my fault that it wastes to much of my time and he is going to be more involved in school work and sports this year. Part is that it was always comforting to be able to buy MT if I ever ran into trouble. This year, outside of the 3 week ban, I had a lot more fun since I bought a good amount of MT in the beginning when it was cheap (although not as cheap as now!) and then never had to worry about it for the life span of the game. Never went crazy buying, but at least I did not have to go crazy trying to make MT until near the end after spending my load on Wemby (who was worth it). Without being able to do it, even if I had only done it twice in the last 3-4 years, just takes away a comfort level of having a good backup and takes away the fun of the game.

I would also note that while I have liked other seasons, Season 8 is especially bad. Level 40 is too easy to get to and nothing much left to do outside of Limited. It sort of left a bad taste in my mouth about the game. The only good thing was being able to try a few of the cards that I never could afford. Finally got Titans Yao and I am very surprised how much I like that card. Even got one with 38 good HOF badges for fairly cheap. I cannot figure out why his shot is so easy to hit as I usually do not find a Robert Williams base to be great (it is not that I totally dislike it, but it is not simple to hit all of the time).


I’m planing on it but that also depends on if there are actual news soon for an NBA Live game.

I was more likely to not buy at all then to pre-purchase but I let my kids start playing 2K during the 2K23 cycle because they started playing IRL basketball and they love it. And I sort of love them playing any video game that isn’t Roblox.

They don’t even really understand that there are new releases each year and why there would be. I won’t let them play MyTeam since I want to keep them off microtransaction/loot box shit as much and as long as possible. They haven’t played MyPlayer in 2K23 yet.

So I think I’ll update roster for new NBA season and new players first.

Then maybe buy it around Christmas time when/if there is a sale.

150€ !!!? No way

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I hear ya. I’m waiting until 2k24 gets marked down after Christmas - plus, I just use my Microsoft reward points to buy it, so it’s basically free. That’s what I did for 2k23 (waited and used points) and I’m glad I did. Plus, you miss all the bugs and other things that they have to adjust if you buy it later.

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Me. Likely the $150 version since I’m gonna get league pass this year anyway to see as much of these rookies as possible but also, I just stopped lying to myself. I may choose “alternative” methods to VC or avoid MyCareer’s money pit, but unless some magically perfect other basketball game releases, I’m stuck with 2K. I obsess over basketball too much to even be stuck on the previous iteration of the game with. They never scanned the WNBA rookies in 2K23 so I need the game for that alone.

Nope! First year not preordering since who knows when. After being BANNED in Jan… I still have this bitterness with Visual Concepts so I am just not going to blindly support them for another year. Plus… let’s see how they handle content, what new game modes are available, shooting mechanics, and how the auction house is first.


No. I will play 23 until the game dies. Unless they somehow completely kill the game. Like there’s no rewards at all in online play or release SG Yao and PG Tacko cards. Man I really hope they don’t. Although I have a weird feeling that there will be some cheesy Arvydas card. And he’s a giant so we need a counter. But please don’t, 2k.


Havent pre ordered 2k since 2k18 honestly. Myteam is an absolute shell of what it used to be back in 2k15-2k16.

I’m not its on the decline like madden ultimate team. When the devs care more about micro transactions than the product it’s over for me.

Unless they show some really attractive gameplay improvements then I think I’ll definitely wait at least until Christmas time for a bit of a markdown on price.

As long as I can download a custom roster with the rookies, my kids will be happy with that. If I actually got off my ass and tried installing some graphical hacks (I have 2K24 on PC) they’ll be more than happy.

I’m taking a year off after playing it 4 years straight everyday and if I was away I’d pay someone to do things. Little too addicted plus the B.S product they put out this year with lack of locker codes, variety, recycled content etc I’m missing it. I enjoyed the gameplay surprisingly, but overall content destroyed it for me compared to previous years.


I stopped playing around December and I didn’t come back until the end of last season. It was partly because of a health issue that I stopped at that time, but I didn’t miss the game. It’s weird it’s like an addiction. For whatever reason you boot it up after months and then you are kinda hooked right away.

I would like to say I am skipping 2k24, but I doubt that. It will be near launch night and I will get that feeling of not wanting to miss out. The early game is usually the best for me. Using sapphires and rubies and not these overpowered cards is more fun.


I’m done with 2k as a company.
I hate what they doing with game itself (killing it by summer) and I don’t like how they treat their customers.
They did ban (permanent) my backup nms account few months ago - it took me about 2-3 weeks to prove them wrong - since there were zero violations - they did unblock it eventually without any apology for wasted time.
Recently they did ban my main account for30 days (mt points as they say) - however I did not buy or transfer any MT - all were legitimates auction snipes and sales - plus I didnt have any reason to do so - had more than enough MT (5m+ and all expensive players bought/pulled) and VC. Support treat you as guilty all the time - with zero chances to review account actions - all their responses were ‘your ban is temporary - wait’ - unless you are some kind of influencer or have large following anywhere on social - they will see you as criminal all the time - just because their algo sucks - they unable to ban bots controlling auction house but they can ban people at random without any reason.
On this account I spent lot of time and actual money (LOT) over lifetime of 2k23 to get kicked out of the game in season 8.
Fuck 2k.


I just bought WWE 2k23 for half price. Going to give that a run I think for a while and something different. Plus I have GOW, Elden Ring, The Spiderman games, Jedi Survivor all on PS5 still in their plastic needing some attention.

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71 gig disc install and then it has to download 99 gigs of data on top of that. I am assuming followed by some patch.

I am pretty sure this is the first time I ever got sent a game early. Sadly since NBA 2k is so servers dependent it doesn’t matter much. If it was Starfield I would have a good head start. 2k servers I don’t even think turn on until the New Zealand release time. At the very least I don’t have to go through this disc install/download situation on the 8th when it was suppose to arrive.

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