Who's planning on getting Pink Diamond Dr. J?

Odom is an absolute bucket, his shot is weird but it’s easy to green (I use stick idk if that matters)

That being said, it’s gonna hurt my soul locking for Rodman who isn’t even that great defensively


Been loving the Odom card. Absolute bucket with the stick

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Probably because he comes with great shooting badges already, but he finishes really well with HOF consistent finisher and pro touch

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If you’ve locked in Rodman you may as well do it cos Draymond + Sprewell are good whilst Payton is serviceable :thinking:

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Will dr j be released this Tuesday definately?

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I’ve already got the 4 locked, I stocked up on a fuck ton of MT when it was cheap so I gotta do it for the flex

Also got Manu and Dominique planning to lock for Idols 1


As a streamer you should always strive to get as many unique rare cards, that will always bring your streaming numbers up.


We need the annual shambles thread. :zipper_mouth_face:


It’s so much MT Sam but you’re a snipe god so eh why not?

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there is no way locking this much MT early - idk how “juiced” hes gonna be but I’d say he wont be THAT better than Nique. Plus we’ll see a PD LeBron soon imo (after the finals)

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PD Lebron will be nowhere near as good. LeBron isn’t gonna be that good this year

1 more to go


NGL but the Player Model looks like Young MAGIC.

I dont think so , I like his amy very much. He feels more athletic already than past years , we will see.

shit even his sapphire was putting in work in limited for me


Personally I think this “worth it” slang is corny as it gets (only NMS is more corny).

It’s a video game, I seen people threat it more seriously than their real lives, it’s really not that deep.

I think anyone who’s getting Julius is cool, because you get an exlusive card very few people will have.

There was an abundance GO Giannis last year, many people had it, how many will have DR.J?

I personally think people have a backwards view on this game, nearly no one is a true comp here, yet gets so complicent over a video game.


yeah, im getting doctor j for the fun of it. in 2k20, i locked in with kevin garnett early and able to enjoy the card before NIB and GOATS flooded the game. At the end of 2k20 i accumulated about 5million mt, sold the 800k here in the site, bought all the expensive cards that i wanted for the remaining mts., and now i rarely visited my 2k20 account with all the best cards that i have there. At the end of the day, its about enjoying the game or keep accumulating mts to sell it at the end or to do whatever you want. If you are a casual gamers, then yeah better save what mts you can have. the way 2k operates, its like they drop contents twice a week, then you have few days/weeks to enjoy the cards, then you need to sell it before it lost its value, if you are very concern about your mts.

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I have Dray & Rodman. Rest depends on superpacks.
J will probably be PG/SG instead of SG/SF to get more attention.

If 2k release a One Will Rise superpack and the gatekeepers prices lower to a reasonable amount then this aligns with my plan to get Dr J. If not then Im not that worried, Id go for the next best thing

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Im not locking anything that wont be on my team in Next Gen.