Who's planning on getting Pink Diamond Dr. J?

I recently acquired Ben Wallace and Lamar Odom cheap for the XP challenges and now I am thinking about just keeping them and locking for Dr. J. I have already locked for Dray.

Anyone else doing the same or have already locked the sets?


Sam you better hope 2k doesn’t drop like a SF PD Lebron the next week :rofl:


That Julius Erving card is going to be a DEMON


I realize he will be outdated quick but kinda want to get him just for flex haha


He will be a demon I can tell you that his dunks and his animations will be so crazy

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Honestly i think I’m gonna lock, it’s Dr J. Maaaaaaaan

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Flex with the auctionable SF thats gonna be better the drop after Dr J


Those aren’t special tho haha

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Dr. J, Wilkins, Spree, Rose.

Posters for E’RYBODY

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plus the fro. Can’t forget about the fro

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I need a full fro line up this year. I need all my players to look like 70’s pimps


Already locked the other 4, ready for tuesday

How do you get the Doctor? Which 5 sets do you have to lock in?

yeah look i have committed regrettably to get Dr J i am too far gone now

if you can put range on him it might be worth it, but i dont think you will be able too


He’s definitely getting range.

yeah ill be getting him. replaces sprewell or kd in my lineup

Having to badge these cards kills it for me. Cant even get excited when cards need 50-100k in badges. I havent badged any cards from the new drop.


I’m not gonna go for him, too expensive for this stage of the game. He’s gonna be a beast tho, considering they need to 1 up the Wilkins that just came out. Could see them giving him HOF clamps and gold range